Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I'm Still Here...but not for much longer!

We have just over a week left on the island and then it's back to reality...yet I feel so much at home it seems really weird to be leaving!

I have so much to tell you but I'm just writing a quick post because I want to spend my time catching up with YOU! 

I don't have a picture of today's "Catch of the Day" because we bought it just a few minutes ago - and it was only $6.00.

We went to visit and explore Kerras Jefferey's Back Road Folk Art today, on Route 151.  We have been looking for a shade for our outdoor gooseneck light which is above our back door.  It's been just a bare bulb for quite some time and I wanted to get an authentic shade for it and found several today - hurrah! Can't wait to get it in place...then I'll take a photo for you. 

If you've never visited Kerras Jefferey's place you should...really! He can take any piece of junk...errr...treasure and turn it into a unique one-of-a-kind piece of folk art. Truly charming! AND he makes very rustic furniture and makes headboards out of old doors (turned sideways). We're going back to choose a door for our own unique headboard from his collection of over 250 old wooden doors. 

Gotta go...want to read your posts!


Mark said...

Oh Ms. Jane, I've missed you. More so now that I'm home and have two glasses of Merlot in me. Love your ankle photo. I have one on my site too. It must be a trend to show bare ankles. Maybe I should start a separate blog just to highlite rockin ankles. I'm sure there are freaks out there with this fetish. Is Michael and "ankle man"?
I can't wait to see your door/headboard. Once you receive it, please be safe and wear a helmet.
Your drunk friend, m.

Canadian Saver said...

Oh no, very sad that there's only 1 week left in PEI. Hope you make the best of it :-)

Marguerite said...

Great find! We bought our bathroom sink from Kerras. Did you see all the gingerbread fixtures he does for houses? There's just loads to look at there, not to mention his artwork. I wondered about you the other day, for some reason I thought you were going home at the end of July.

jpkittie said...

such a bummer you only have a week!!! what happened to the time???

Anonymous said...

Hi Jane ~ Can not believe how fast the summer has gone. Already have my to do lists ready for setting up my classroom. I love dropping by Back Road Folk Art on my search for sea glass. Have used his outhouse numerous times!! Enjoy your last week on the island... Take care and lets keep in touch.
Island hugs to you and Michael!!

Sharon said...

I miss you Jane! I can't wait until you return...:)!

The Witch said...

Wow your time went by so quickly.
You seem to have made every day count and stretch it out longer, if that's possible.
I wish the weather had of been nicer for you. Why do you have to leave next week, school doesn't start till Sept, or does Michael have to be back. Just curious.
The headboards made from old door frames are very beautiful when painted or stained just right. He does a lovely job and I must take a day trip to investigate his wonderful creations.
I'm thinking your catch of the day may have been mackerel. It is great done on the BBQ.

Jane said...

Mark - ankles AND feet you sot!:)
Sharon - miss you too!...won't be long now, I'll be home and posting more often:)
Kendra - me too!! started my lists and checking them twice...well maybe more than that!!
jpkittie: time flies when you're having fun!! Way too quickly though!
Marguerite - leaving next Thurs., the 18th. Boo hoo!! I love Kerras's STUFF! Felt dizzy after I left my head was spinning around so much!
Cdn Saver - I shall definitely make it my mission to "make the most" of our remaining days:)

Louise said...

enjoy your last week, I've missed your posts but gosh the holiday sounds like it was great and love the pics so far

~Carla~ said...

I'm reading this late, so you probably only have a few days left... :( Enjoy every minute & safe travels home!!