Thursday, August 4, 2011


This week's "Catch of the Day" is brought to you by the Guardian Drugstore in O'Leary, PE.  Recently Michael and I were in O'Leary to watch the taterrific (hardy har har har) "Potato Blossom" parade:

There goes Mr. Potato right now...

While there we took advantage of the sidewalk sales...this was AFTER the parade because ALL businesses closed shop during the parade!  We browsed through the Home Hardware store, the CO-OP stores and finally Guardian Drugs. 

I hit the jackpot at Guardian Drugs. We purchased some bowls, a big mystery grab bag for $2.00 (topic for another post) AND a gorgeous bright red, cut glass hummingbird feeder for $5.00 (marked down from $29.99)! Since we have seen a hummingbird or two whiz by while sitting on our front porch I was thrilled to find one for such a low price.

I made up a batch of sugary syrup on the BBQ, poured it into the feeder and hung it up on the front porch hoping the local hummingbirds would find it. 

And by golly they did!! I think there are two because one makes a little chirping noise while feeding and the other one doesn't.  They stop by frequently throughout the day (like every 5 minutes!) which makes me wonder if they are feeding young ones. I don't really know anything about hummingbird habits so if you can fill me in I'd appreciate it.

It was tricky getting the photos because by the time the shutter clicked open and closed the hummingbird was long gone but I persisted. I also captured about a two minute video too! Oh, and I want you to notice the blue sky - see?...the sun does shine here once in a while:)

We seem to be friends now, the hummingbirds and I. At first my slightest movement scared them off but now they fly onto the porch, hover in front of me for a few seconds and then start to feed. Maybe they're just saying "thanks" for the feeder...or..."what the heck took you so long?" 

Either way, it's all good.


Sharon said...

We had a couple of humming birds on our deck...I should get a feeder! I LOVED watching them!

GREAT deals Jane!

Niki said...

Great photos!

I love "insert food" festivals or parades. Always so much fun and great food.

~Carla~ said...

I have a hummingbird feeder I need to fill up too! :) Morgan sees the right outside her window, lucky girl! :)

SonyaAnn said...

That is soooooo cool! You really have to invite me over. LOL

Marguerite said...

Very pretty feeder. It's possible there's young ones around but I think hummingbirds simply eat a lot. Takes lots of energy to keep those wings going all the time! Don't you love how they close up for a parade around here? LOL. We found that out our first summer when the Gold Cup and Saucer was on.

Michelle said...

Hi Jane! I hope you're making the right ratio for your hummingbirds (we have researched this plus we have a book on how to attract hummingbirds and butterflies). You mix 1 part sugar to 4 parts water.... no need to use heat. We just put ours in a measuring cup and stir until the sugar is dissolved.

That feeder is beautiful. The females will be busy now as they prepare for their flight south. They have been busy raising (rearing?) their young and, as I've read, are smaller than their offspring who will also be busy at the feeder. Keep LOTS of feed on hand. We have three feeders and need to refill daily when it's their busy time.

jpkittie said...

how awesome that you got a photo!!! great job!

Anonymous said...

sounds great! nice feeder - all I ever see around here are those ugly plastic things with the fake flowers for the feeder part..


Jane said...

Michelle: I just followed the instructions that came with the feeder - and yes it was the 4:1 ratio of water to sugar but it said to boil it for 2 minutes ?!? So I did, the hummingbirds don't seem to mind:) and yes, I cool it off first of course! I'm going to see if I can find more feeders today - they are a thirsty bunch!

The Witch said...

We have lots of Hummer's and they just love to drink and fight.(and poo all over our deck)
They are so beautiful and interesting to watch. Our feeders actually attached to our windows by suction cups so you really get a close up view.
We have blogged about them for years and really have some great pictures.
My one tip of advice is to take the feeder down in Sept after the long weekend. They have a long way to travel and you you don't want them hanging around late into the year. The feeders need to be cleaned often so no mold forms from the sugar/water which may harm them.
Enjoy your new friends they will give you lots of entertainment.

lanniedee said...

Hello sister: I always boil my hummingbird sugar, and find if I make a big batch, 1 cup sugar to 4 water, by the time I go to use the last of it from refrig., it has gone going to make smaller batches more often..hummingbirds are very territorial..we have one that rests on our clothsline a lot and loves the red flowers from the scarlet runner beans..but if another hummer comes along it chases it away..I don't know why he can't share our yard, but he or she has staked it out as theirs...we are still enduring a sweltering heat spell, humidity just melts us..we are thankful for the pool..Claire has been here 2x this week, she claps her hands now when asked..she often reminds me of Kazi at that L.Dee

Homes in Southern Arizona said...

Loved that cute Mr. Potato mascot! :-)

Christy said...

Just looked at a map and noticed where you are. Have you eaten at The Boat Shop at Northport Pier? We did last year and it was good!!!