Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Goderich Tornado Kills 1, Injures 37, Defeats No One!

Goderich has a reputation of being Canada's most beautiful town. The many times I've been there (it's just a few miles from my trailer in Bayfield), walking the boardwalk, enjoying the sunsets, watching the ships get their cargo from the salt mine, I would agree with that perception.

On Sunday the town was devastated by an F3 tornado. The unique downtown square (actually an octogon) filled with heritage buildings was destroyed. Many people are homeless and over 100 businesses damaged beyond repair.

My heart goes out to the residents of Goderich. I know they will rebuild and that once again I'll walk their gorgeous boardwalk overlooking Lake Huron.

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  1. I lived outside of Barrie in 1985 when the tornado hit. The destruction was fierce. 26 years later one would never know that Barrie had seen such devastation. Goderich will rebuild and be stronger for having been through this.


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