Friday, August 19, 2011

Islanders By Choice Alliance breaking barriers - Local - The Journal Pioneer

Here's an article about Michael and me! We did an interview on Tuesday with the
local paper.

Islanders By Choice Alliance breaking barriers - Local - The Journal Pioneer


Sharon said...

That is pretty cool Jane!! Look at you and Michael already making the papers!! :)!

Marguerite said...

Great article. The more I hear about this organization the more I'm understanding what they're trying to achieve. Sounds like a really positive group.

Michelle said...

Interesting article, Jane. The following comments are also interesting. I have a strong connection to PEI... my Mom was born and raised there. I visited my grandparents over the years, have tons of relatives and lived there for a little over a year in my teens (horrific experience). Personally, I wouldn't want to live there.

For someone such as yourself, you're sitting pretty. You can retire there and enjoy the best the Island has to offer... stress free!

For someone who isn't set up with a job and has several years left in the work world with little or no nest egg, I feel the experience could be quite daunting.

As for the people in general, yes, they are known for their friendliness but they are also a close knit group who could easily feel threatened by all the newcomers. I feel the same holds true here where I live.

The Maritimes are slow paced in general and change doesn't come easy to many. They might feel they're losing work to the newcomers who also may drive up the cost of affordable housing. As for tourists, they bring business to the Island which is a great motivator to be extra super friendly cause winter is a different story for the many seasonal workers.

I think I sound jaded but here's me in rural New Brunswick, an Acadian village where jobs are scarce and you're required to be fluent in both languages. Sigh... I just quit my job!!! But I do love it here and we're 100% debt free so I don't have high pressure to make ends meet. Let's just call it low to medium pressure!

an aside.... I did up the bus cards for IBC. Some of the names of people you've met that I've seen here or on your FB are familiar to me... having done work for them while working for the PEI print shop.