Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Today's Post Coming to You From the Lovely Northport Inn

Howdy y'all!!
Thought I'd give a shout out to Northport Inn and the owner, Cathy, who provides Michael and I with the occasional opportunity to use her Inn's lovely living room and Wifi! From where I'm sitting I have a great view of Cascumpec Bay (same body of water I can see from my front porch, but closer up) and the nearby islands. Of course, since I'm sitting in here it MUST be raining out because if it weren't I'd be busily working on cutting my maple tree's big branches into woodstove sized chunks.

The tree is finished being cut down!

Remember the lovely gift and veggies we received from a kind-hearted islander friend last week?  Here's the chicken hot off the BBQ!!

Thanks again Kendra! It was sooooooo yummy!

What else has been happening? Hmmmmm let's see..... I can't talk about money you see because we've overspent big time.  I'll settle up later in August after we've returned :(

So what else is new...oh yes, I was going to share some house photos and tell you how clever I am.  How clever am I? Well have a look-see! In trying to figure out how to furnish a house when one's furniture is several provinces away and still going to be used over the  next three years we came up with the following solutions: these purchases will move on to other purposes when we either haul our furniture east OR sell it and buy anew once we move to PEI permanently.

We've graduated from sleeping on a king size air mattress to a FUTON!! It's very comfortable and will move to one of the guest bedrooms eventually. We found two tables to use as nightstands, one at a yard sale and the folding one at an antique/used store in Summerside (only $8 and it's a beauty)! 

Found the cutest little rocking chair for the front porch - only $25 at B.C. Antiques near Kensington - a perfect fit! (BTW I'm wearing another deal on my feet - my new Reeboks that are supposed to tone your legs and butt while you wear them - for half price at Saunders Variety in Alberton.  Hmmmm...half-price? Perhaps they'll only tone one leg and one cheek???!!!

Just perfect

For the living room and dining room - LAWN FURNITURE!!
Told ya I was clever!  And on sale at the Superstore no less!
$199 bought us 2 wicker (vinyl outdoor wicker) chairs, loveseat and coffee table
complete with cushions and umbrella.  This is going to look brilliant on our future
deck, though I've been told to screw the umbrella to the deck or we may find
it floating in the bay.

Nice huh?

Our dining room set - 4 chairs, table and yet another umbrella for just $99 - will also have a lovely
future on our deck someday.  Until then we are enjoying actually being able to sit
at a table to eat! 

This mirror was a surprise gift from Michael...I love it!  It matches the old
wood perfectly...thanks honeybunch!

There's a better view.  By the looks of this picture the next thing I'd better
find is a bookcase!
I also bought 2 wooden shelves with pegs for coats and hats. I painted them the same colour
as the walls and they look right at home, but haven't taken pictures of them yet.
I know, unbelievable right??

So we are quite comfortable. In fact we are VERY comfortable. I have a houseful of stuff back in London, Ontario and I can't think of a SINGLE thing I need from there:

  • TV ?  Nope, have not watched any TV obviously since we arrived. If I want I can watch a DVD on my laptop but haven't felt so inclined. I like the view from my front porch.
  • Books?  Nope, got my Kindle.
  • Appliances?  Nope, Michael washes our clothes in the bathtub and hangs them on our clothesline and he does a much better job than our washing machine. 
  • Central Air?  Nope, always a breeze blowing.
  • Exercise bike?  Nope, I walk or ride my bike everyday.
  • Big fridge?  Nope, using the bar fridge and a cooler makes dinner choice very easy!
  • The Mall?  Not at all - Alberton, Summerside and Charlottetown have all the stores we need.
  • London's Entertainment District?  No again. We've gone to the movies three times, seen an amazing parade at the O'Leary Potato Blossom Festival, been to parties, been to the beach with friends, listened and boogied to live music several times, explored the countryside and enjoyed all that nature has to offer.
  • Restaurants? Our local pub has such good food and we've been to many other restaurants in the area...the lunch we had today from the local drive-in joint was to die for. I just might!

Living "simply" is the key. 

Well that's enough news for today.  I'll be back again with further updates.  We have been here 3 and 1/2 weeks so we're at the midpoint of our vacation here. Starting to feel sad at the prospects of leaving but at least I know it's just til next summer.

Hope you're all doing well and having a great summer! 


~Carla~ said...

Your house is lovely, Jane!!! That chicken looks awesome, I must say!!! Yum! :) You're finding such great deals too!

Will you be posting before/after pics of your glutes now?! ;) hahaha!!!

444 said...

The shoes must be doing their job. The reason I say that is because before I saw what you wrote about them, I saw the rocking chair, then your legs, and thought, "Those don't look like the legs of someone who sits around in a rocking chair all day - they look like the legs of a world-class athlete! Go Jane! Jane must have been working out!"

Sharon said...

One of the best things about blogging is being able to see other parts of the world...and I would never have heard of PEI if I didn't know you, Jane. It is beautiful and I LOVE the simplicity of your home in PEI. It's beautiful!!

I miss more frequent posts, so one of the things you will have to get in PEI when you actually retire is internet. :P

I think you got GREAT bargains...I can't wait until you fess up on the money end...hee, hee!

Post again soon!!!

SonyaAnn said...

It looks like Heaven. It really does. I know that you overspent but you did a great job decorating on the cheap!

Canadian Saver said...

The house looks great!!! I love the Northport Pier Inn, stayed there when it first opened... great views!

Enjoy the rest of your summer, there's still lots of time to do lots. Love when you share with us :-)

Michelle said...

Well... just as I was hoping to see interior pics of your home, don't you just go and post them? I love your floors and the place looks wonderful, sparsely furnished or not.

I have to wonder how you'll feel come winter with hanging clothes on the line. LOL! I had a neighbour here who hung her laundry on the line all year round. I tried and failed. Brrr....

Thanks for sharing your home with us. It's just perfect in so many ways. Will you furnish it with vintage finds? I think that's not so much your thing as it is mine. ;o)

Anonymous said...

It looks like a really lovely place to live Jane!

I love that you're finding how much you can really live without...it's something that I hope to do when we eventually move.

And ditto what Sharon said: you must get wifi when you live there, we miss you! :)

Anonymous said...

Your house is lovely, Jane!!! I agree with Sharon that when you retire to the island that you will have to get internet. I miss your frequent posts too.
Sounds like life is treating "you and Michael the very best!!!" Take care and enjoy!!!! The view looks great now that the maple tree is gone.
Island hugs,

Anonymous said...

love your home, Jane & Michael!

I can't believe Michael washes your clothes in the bathtub!!!! Really, he deserves a medal ... I mean it!

jpkittie said...

i have to say that I just love how you put the $ talk in really small print! ;)

you will get back to business when you get back in a month or so - it happens ;)

Little Lamb said...

Looks great!!! And you make me miss home with each of your posts!

Marguerite said...

You've found one of my favourite antique haunts! What a great chair. I also really like the flooring in the house by the way, looks like the place was very well cared for. I'm very sorry I missed you this weekend but thanks for the email. ~M

The Witch said...

Your house pictures look lovely. Lots of nice wood flooring and doors.
Sounds as if you are really having quite the vacation.
Sorry I haven't been on your site as much but when the weather is sunny and hot no internet for me, it's to the beach. The winter is too long to waste any precious sunny days inside. Plus the garden keeps me very busy.
Did you plant any tomato plants or short season veggies in pots?
Did you sit on your porch today and watch the thunderstorm? We seem to be having a lot of them this summer.

Lindy Mint said...

You ARE clever. I'm so impressed at your resourcefulness.

It is amazing how truly little we "need" to live well and live happily. Enjoy the rest of your vacation!