Wednesday, July 6, 2011


 The PEI Adventure continues...I've only uploaded pics from the first couple of days...will do more as time allows:) The picture above is of the sunrise seen while driving bleary-eyed through eastern Quebec (not too far from New Brunswick). There is something very special about watching the sky change from black to...well...spectacular...very humbling.
 Here we are on Confederation Bridge heading into PEI - I used to hate bridges, but I rather enjoy this one!
 Perhaps it's because I can't see over the side (that's me waving) so I can pretend that the cold, deep Northumberland Straits aren't really there...instead there's a nice fluffy pillow that will catch us if our car happens to jump the barricade :)
 From sunrise to sunset...we saw both during one day of driving (22 total hours driving time...about 4 hours sleeping time). Try to ignore all the bug spatters on the windshield!
 There, that's a somewhat clearer, less buggy shot...I love the PEI sky!
 Our first pitstop on the island was to my favorite Richmond Dairy Bar where we enjoyed Almond Toffee Twist icecream. I am feeling rather giddy in the above photo.
 Unfortunately, that little pitstop meant we arrived at our home in the dark to a rather overgrown laneway. There is no dark as dark as this dark in the city!
 After fiddling unsuccessfully with our water pump we pumped up our king-size air mattress (nothing but the best for us) and went to bed around 1:30am. I slept til 10am but Michael was up jumping around at 6:30am. So he went outside and took photos of the house and property in the early morning light.
 There's our grassy laneway - we had it cut today so the ruts are more visible!
 Wildflowers in abundance, our lawn is covered in purple and yellow flowers.
 The seedlings we transplanted from the forest last August are doing well - spruce are very resilient! 
 The famous view from my porch.
 It's here, at Crofters Lane, that we get to really enjoy life's simple of them being a cup of tea while sitting on a rock in the early morning sun.
 Yes, we brought my swinging chair from the trailer. Look at the wind! Michael has since cut the grass around the tree - wheeeeeee!
 One thing I always wanted in a house was "billowing white curtains", I do have a romantic idealistic side, believe it or not. Well, I have the "billowing" in spades! 
 We've put a couple of lawn chairs here - we call this our "lookout". That's Casumpec Bay. I love to sit here and write in my journal, or close my eyes and listen to the birds and the breeze in the trees.
 This year there are potatoes as well as soya beans planted all around us. Like SW Ontario PEI had a ton of rain this spring and some fields haven't thrived, like this one. Makes for a great photo but few potatoes.
 The ferns like the damp cloudy weather though!
 Don't know what this wildflower is called, it's growing by our little forest.
Lupines seem to be doing well - we arrived too late last year to see them so really appreciating them this year!

More pictures to come!
Putting my contact info here so my fellow PEIers can contact me. I am on my computer only sporadically as we don't have internet at the house, so please give me a call or a text or an email with a phone # so I can arrange a time to meet!
cell 519-671-5294
I am also on facebook if you would like to send me a "friend" request. 


~Carla~ said...

Sooo beautiful out there, Jane!!! I'm so glad you brought your swing with you! I love that thing!!! :) Enjoy your time out there, I look forward to more posts when you have time! Hugs!

The Borrower said...

Simply beautiful!

Niki said...

Oh it so beautiful Jane. I love all the billowing and flowers and well everything. I know you are enjoying yourselves, keep on keepin' on!

Christy said...

Glad to see you arrived safely!!! I don't envy you doing that drive all at once though. We like to stop overnight. We had to drive it straight through one time due to a death in the family - never again!
The dairy bar reminds me of the one we like in Summerside.
Have a wonderful summer on the Island. I can't wait to head down there next month :)

Anonymous said...

beautiful! that bridge doesn't look near as scary from that point of view (that other picture still makes my stomach flutter every time I see it!) at least Michael knew to take his early bird self outside at 6:30! I'd be snoozing in!


Marguerite said...

You're lucky, our cool weather means the lupines were late this year. Your orange flower is orange hawkweed (Hieracium aurantiacum). it's a weed but rather pretty just the same. Love the photos of the house. A very peaceful spot.

Sharon said...

Jane! I miss you already! I've loved your frequent posts. It sounds and looks enchanting in PEI. I'm sure you will have a wonderful, restful time there. Isn't it nice to know where you will retire?

Canadian Saver said...

You have me looking at PEI real estate too ;-) Really glad you had an awesome trip over... the house looks great already, can't wait to see the touches you put in it this summer :-)

Out My window said...

I want to be there with you! Sooooooo bad.

Mark said...

I need a house like that. Billowing curtain and all!
You have the life.
Thanks for your number. I would give you a call but I don't speak Canadian. m.

Anonymous said...

lol, love the hand wave shot!

Looks like you've arrived in paradise, m'dear!

jpkittie said...

absolutely beautiful! so glad you are happy & enjoying the moment

Anonymous said...

Just checking in...... is there anything you need, Jane? I can either pick up in Summerside or we probably have it here at the house. Let me know if you need any help also.
Have a super weekend on PEI.
Island hugs,