Saturday, July 9, 2011

Our Wee Brush with Royalty....very wee....

Sitting on the rocks with the kiddies waiting for a glimpse of Prince William and the lovely Kate.
OMG!!! That's her hand waving in the back seat!!  LOL! Doesn't she have a lovely hand???  I also videotaped her and William walking along the pier before getting on the ship where they watched a simulated search and rescue mission. It's really weird though because they only look about a centimeter tall!?
 Aren't you glad they didn't say "Family Jewels"?  Oops, did I just say that out loud?
 The lovely oceanside shopping/eating area in Summerside. I'm pretty sure it's not all sliding left into the ocean, I think that's just me and my wonky eye acting up again.
 There, a wee bit better.
 From the sublime to the incredibly mundane chore of laundry. Just wanted to show you our new clothesline.  As the wind is almost always blowing in PEI we have the fastest drying time of anywhere in the world. (I just made that up.)
 Michael wanted me to post the picture of him pointing to our underwear hanging next to each other on the clothesline but I said "NO!" this is a tasteful and classy blog....
 Here's my guy with his new used lawn mower:) Who knew cutting the grass could make someone so HAPPY!?
 This is my journal writing spot (below) and this is the view I muse upon while writing. Yup, that's right, a field of potatoes getting ready to blossom AND Casumpec Bay.
 Rum and gingerale:)
 Fields opening onto fields and more forest and more fields and more forest...
 Every night the sky is gorgeous, when the sky is clear it seems as though we can reach out and touch the milky way.
 Michael is continuing to add on to the firepit - we just love our firepit. It provides some warmth on the cool nights and the smoke calms down the mosquitoes just a little.
 Managed to capture the little crescent of moon in this one.
 A field of lupines at the side of the road (any road...all roads:)
Same lupines, just closer up! 
That's it for now...just another little glimpse into our fun times at Crofters Lane!


~Carla~ said...

Family Jewels, underwear shots, it's all good! ;) lol!

You look in your element there, Jane! Looks just lovely!

Michelle said...

Michael looks so happy to be hanging laundry and mowing the lawn. Pray that certain novelties never wear off!

That yellow towel you have hanging on the line... I have cream coloured ones that I bought when I lived in London. I still have them (they are doggie towels now) and I lived in London some 34 years ago. Just made me chuckle.

444 said...

1. I am jealous, very jealous, of the lupines

2. Try rum and root beer. You will not taste the rum (not that rum is bad.) Use with caution since, as just mentioned, you will not taste the rum.

3. I was already formulation a "family jewels" joke before I read ahead and saw that you beat me to it

4. I'm glad it was real royalty; I was afraid you were going to say the Nigerian prince sent you an email offer to forge a banking alliance with him

5. Thanks for not posting pics of unmentionables... we don't want to know you THAT well... ;o)

6. If you have a man who loves to do yardwork, you are one lucky woman. Didn't you say he cooks, too? Is there a catch somewhere? Oh yes, you told me, he doesn't get out of bed and walk down the hall at night... :o)

7. Love the seaside town, love the potatoes and lupines even more.

Little Lamb said...

Thanks for all the lovely pictures! I miss the lupines from back home so much!!! And that sky too!

Anonymous said...

My mom still talks about her aunt living down the street from princess grace of Monaco when she was an actress then a princess and how exciting it was.

I do love your clothes line pictures though...


jpkittie said...

you certainly have your own little slice of heaven, don't you??!

Marguerite said...

Love the photo of Michael with his lawnmower. That looks like an extremely happy man. Rural life agrees with him.

Anonymous said...

man that looks like heaven! I'll have to wait for some winter pics to get back to not wanting to move there myself LOL!