Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Alberton oh Alberton

Oh, I think that's Galveston oh Galveston...

Anyhoo you know what I mean...don't you? I'm here again at the Alberton Library while Michael catches up on his email and finds some movies to borrow so thought I'd say hello.


We've been spending our time looking around at antique stores/used furniture stores (just on the rainy days) but haven't really made too many purchases; just a couple of side tables to use by our bed (air mattress but what the heck - I'm sleeping like a baby!) to hold all our stuff: reading light, flashlight cause it's dark as hell around here at night, books and other various nighttime paraphanalia.

We have a 1950's kitchen table that weighs about 200 lbs plus 4 mis-matched chairs.  Our livingroom furniture consists of two campfire chairs complete with drink holders and two footstools. What more do we really need?

This morning Michael put our BBQ together hurrah hurrah yippy yippy yay yay!!  You may be thinking that since we've been here now over a week why did it take so long to put a BBQ together?? Well, that's because we held out for the onsale Walmart BBQ that sold out in mere seconds ($78.00 yeah, you read that right!) so they ordered us one from Truro, Nova Scotia! It arrived two minutes before i walked into the Walmart yesterday with $78 gripped in my tight little fist, so we had a lunch of rice and peas and BBq'd chicken.  Can't wait for supper!!

The funny part though (well, I'm sure he'll find it funny tomorrow...or the next day)...is that it was SO WINDY today the flame kept blowing out! Ha ha funny right? So Michael had to keep wheeling the BBQ around the house to find a spot where the flame would stay lit!! 

OH and before I forget @ MICHELLE - they got their Australian sheep dogs from an ad in a nova scotia newspaper! Someone in their family had had one and they really liked it so tracked a couple down - they're sisters and very nice dogs though could use a little more training in my opinion. They really wanted to eat my chicken today while they were visiting!!  Down...down I say!

Well, that's all the exciting news for now. On Friday last we went up to Tignish and became members of the local co-op, though i haven't really figured out yet what that entitles us to. A few lower prices at their store I guess, it all helps. Then we went on to see the wind farm at North Cape, wow, what a beautiful spot!!  We weren't brave enough though to sample the Seaweed Pie - has anyone tried that??

Ciao for now my friends, catch up with you soon!


Mark said...

Sounds like everything is going smoothly. I can stop worrying about you now.
Your Friend, m.

its me, sam said...

Seaweed pie is like a whipped topping with a sponge cake bottom of I remember rightly!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you have all you need to survive....enjoy


Canadian Saver said...

Oh your post reminds me of the times I visited Tignish... my uncle is from there (living here the last 65 years though) but they had a cottage up until 2 years ago. When we got there, after the 3+hour drive from my house, we always stopped at the Tignish Coop. Immediately our accent was recognized, then we had to tell the cashier and the others around her who we were, where we were from, and who we came to visit in Tignish!!

The seaweed pie is delicious, mostly just whipped cream, a tiny bit of seaweed flavoring and the one I had from the seaweed pie cafe had raspberry coulis on top. DELICIOUS :-) No seaweed aftertaste at all!

Christy said...

North Cape is beautiful!!! Glad you're still having a great time.

Sharon said...

great deal on the bbq! Glad things are going well! Rest!!

Michelle said...

Hey Jane!

Thanks for the Cattle Dog info. This breed is high energy, super loyal and not what I'd call a 'family' dog. However, I'm totally smitten with the breed... so full of character. They're super smart and stubborn as all get out.

Maybe you should keep your eye out for one of those outdoor fireplaces; sit in front of a roaring fire and toast some marshmellows. Oh yah!

Marguerite said...

Jane, is the antique shop still open in Alberton? It had been for sale at one point.

Jane said...

Marguerite - yes, it's still open but in a different location and less furniture but what's there is really nice and moderately priced. Oops there are two! The one that was in the heritage building has moved next to the Esso station on Church St. and the Blessed Nest or whatever it's called is still downstairs on the main st.

Michelle - the first thing Michael did last year was build a large firepit - we use it frequently:)

Sharon - I'm trying to rest, but it's hard!

Thanks Cdn Saver & Sam - I may just be able to try some Seaweed pie now that I have your description:)

Aw Mark - were you really worried?

Christy and Judy - thanks for your well wishes - I really really love it here:)

Out My window said...

Two dogs are not better than one. One older female well trained dog is great. Two not so well trained of this breed could be rough. They will be a pack unto them selves and never listen to you. A single dog will let you be the alpha dog. Having many dog problems of my own over the years and family that breeds these dogs I just want to save you any grief. It sounds like you are having a lovely time.