Friday, July 8, 2011

Seems Like We've Been Here a Month Not Just a Week

Well, not even a week yet.  Each day seems sooooo looooong, i love that, reminds me of when I was a kid and summers seemed like they'd last forever. I am writing from the Alberton library so no photos for you today:(

Kendra - what we need is furniture lol! But we're managing with our lawn chairs etc! Can you email me your phone #/address? Would love to connect with you while we're here.

Marguerite - thanks for the quick flower ID - I knew you'd come through:) We are going to be in Canoe Cove (on the beach) for a picnic with the Islanders by Choice facebook group.  Would love to see you! Can you email me your phone # and address?

Christy - let me know when you're on the island!! Would be wonderful to see you.

Cell# 519-671-5294.

Sorry you don't speak Canadian Mark lol! We were actually thinking about visiting some of the eastern states (have a friend in Connecticut we might visit)! I'd call you but I guess we'd need a translator!

Johanna - what an absolute joy to meet you in person and your family too. Thanks for including us in your vacation on the island and safe travels home my dear! HUGS! oh yes, Michael sends a big hug to Morgan lol!!

So we are heading off to Tignish and the North Cape wind turbine farm and much more today. We are finally taking a day to do some exploring and adventuring. Can't wait to get on the road. I miss you all and wish i could be posting daily and keeping up with all of you but it's just not possible, however i will try to get to the library as often as i can.

You'll be happy to know that the famous PEI potatoes are growing quite well in our neck of the island and the sun has shone every day since we've arrived. We had the laneway cut ( a post of its own!) and Michael loves getting out with his push mower to do the trimming around the trees and bushes. We've put up a clothesline and have great big fires in our firepit. It's been a great adventure so far, with many challenges (that we've learned a lot from:) and more to come, I'm sure.

Take care everybody!!


  1. Have a wonderful time, it is like camping every night. An adventure around every corner!

  2. Well, I miss you....wish I could drop by too! Glad it is relaxing for you!

  3. glad you're having a great time! what's that tree with the purple flowers in the house picture on the top? it's pretty.


  4. Susanna - that's a lilac tree but I didn't take that picture, unfortunately it blooms before I get there in July. The previous owner took that pic, and you can see one of the workers on the left side of the house, painting maybe.

  5. Thanks for the offer Jane. You've already got the Maritime hospitality down pat! I will make note of your number :)

  6. ok thanks! It's a pretty tree - ya'll get so many differnt plants up there whre it's not so hot. It hit 100 here already :-(

  7. Loved visiting with you guys. I miss PEI so much. I know I should have written here sooner but no sooner do we get home then some work drops into my lap. I've been busy ever since and the rest of this week will continue to be busy.
    We are really looking forward to having you guys drop by in August.


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