Sunday, August 29, 2010

I'm Sorry, It's all my Fault

I'm sorry, really, truly and sincerely sorry folks. You have my heartfelt apologies.

Have you recently noticed a chill in the air in the evenings?  My fault.

Do you find yourself waking up in the middle of the night and reaching for that extra blanket?  Oops!

Have you noticed a few trees here and there are changing colour?  My bad.

Have you stopped sweating buckets due to a drop in humidity? Now that one I am happy to take credit for:)

Have you noticed that the sun is moving a little further away each day?  What can I say?

The days are getting shorter?  The sun is setting earlier?  Yup, you got it  - my fault!

Every year, in August, no matter what day I begin people start noticing changes in the weather. 

"Why is it getting so freakin' cold at night?" my daughter asked yesterday plaintively.

"Sorry, I said, it's because of me," I stated morosely. "I can't help it - it's what I do..."

"What the hell?" my good friend Troy said the other day as we drove back from a day at the beach," why are those trees turning red already?"

"Its' my fault," I groaned, "it happens every year about this time...."

Ok, confession time: every June 30th I bring home several boxes of school books from my classroom. Every August I start glancing at them sitting there under the dining room table. It's so weird.  For the whole month of July they are invisible. I can sit at the table, eat my dinner and use them as a foot rest and not even have an inkling of what they contain.

Then I flip the page on the calendar to August and BOING! those boxes under the table become as noticeable as an elephant under a persian carpet. They spill out onto the floor in all directions screaming LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME!

I try to avert my eyes but I keep tripping over binders, curriculum guides, notebooks, agendas, file folders and the like.

And so begins the inexorably slow readjustment to becoming a school teacher once again. And once I acknowledge my boxes and their contents I notice a chill in the air!  It matters not whether it's August 1st (yup that was me last year - remember how cool August was?) or in this case August 22nd (you're welcome!) the temperature drops and back to school shopping for new sweaters earnestly begins.

I'm sorry - but it was inevitable...


Anonymous said...

well thanks! ;-) my doggies and I appreciate the 95 degree weather(down from the 100's) and the slight drop in humidity the past couple of days LOL!

Jane said...

Great to hear from you! The weather has turned HOT here again - but not supposed to last.
When are you going to start writing again??

Anonymous said...

I haven't had much to write I don't guess!