Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Quest Continues: House #4

No, this isn't house #4, but it is quaint no? Watch out for the spaces between the boards going up to the front door, however, or you might end up in the gully that used to be the mill pond.

The good news, though, (said tentatively) is that the historic (read old and crumbly) mill comes with the house and small acreage (about 2 acres if memory serves me). Knowing my memory's service I likely have that wrong:)

Mais - there are many other good points about this property. Three generations of the same milling family have lived here, with the 3rd and final generation preparing to move closer to their children. So its been looked after with pride, if not with any decorating changes since 1952.

Also, the Confederation Trail runs right alongside this property, about 1000 feet of it, in fact. Like an early morning jog? Then this is the place for you! But not me.

No, it wasn't for me. While the historical aspects were very appealing, the house had a little too much history, if you know what I mean. Cracks in the walls, uneven floors due to the shifting of the foundation over the years, the dated floral wallpapers, the odd rooms made with various dividing walls, tiny bedrooms, antiquated - oops I mean historical plumbing and electrical.

But I have to say that people in this neck of the woods are soooo friendly and helpful. We didn't have an appointment to see this house, just stopped by out of curiosity but the 85 year old owners gave us a warm welcome. When we were leaving the house painter guy (that's him leaning out of the doorway) insisted on driving in front of us so we would get safely back to the highway.

Just another instance of PEIers going above and beyond the norms of societal helpfulness. Much appreciated!

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