Saturday, September 11, 2010

My Sister Found my House!

There she is, my sister Lannie - the matriarch of our family - a position she took on when our mother died 10 years ago. The oldest in a family of five children (I'm the youngest) she bravely soldiers on dragging the rest of us along with her.

She is currently on the island, with her partner Jim, visiting his brother Frank, and wife Caron, who live near Cambridge, PEI.  Yesterday, yet another rainy day in PEI, they decided to go on a road trip to find my new house, sitting all by its lonesome, waiting for Michael and I to return. Sigh...

Around 5pm I got a phonecall.  They had driven to Alberton and all around but couldn't find Butcher Rd. Now they were in O'Leary at a quilt shop.  Rather, Lannie and Caron were in the quilty shop, Jim and Frank were sitting in the van reading the paper. I guess quilts aren't manly enough for them:)

When I had given Lannie directions they returned to Elmsdale, made a quick right on Butcher Rd. and again, couldn't find our house! The road went from paved to gravel, which turned into a swamp due to buckets of rain over the last little while.  HINT: when you hit gravel in PEI turn around, you've gone too far!!

Turning around they spotted the bright pink rope I had strung across the bottom of our .4km driveway to hold the Private Property sign. They made it up our driveway, thankfully not a swamp, and had a look around. Lannie called me and told me they had found it - but why was I concerned about putting up curtains?? Heck - it was such a private location you could run around outside naked.  (I'll save that story for another post tee hee!!)

So Lannie held up our "Welcome" mat for a photo op, but since it was still raining they departed for the other side of the island without sampling the most excellent cuisine of Northport's fish and chip stand. Next time:)

I'm just happy to see our home is still standing and intact. It sure is hard to live so far away from it.


  1. What a beautiful house! And what a sweet sister. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Marge: Thanks - I think it's a beautiful house too - I miss it soooo much! Thanks for dropping by:)


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