Monday, August 23, 2010

Crofters Lane

 Gotta get used to this new editing program. Not sure how to maneuver my photos yet. So will make do for today. I am busy getting ready for another school year and writing this post is my little break.

I really feel that buying THIS HOUSE that I call Crofters Lane was meant to be. Everything fell into place from square one - so much so it was kinda freaky but very cool at the same time.

The night before we went to see Crofters Lane for the first time there was a double rainbow in the sky - I took that as a favorable omen.  Also, when viewing the photos of the home on over and over and over again until I had the mls number memorized it had such a good feel, a good vibe, good energy. I was very drawn to it. 

The realtor forgot we had an appointment to view the property (first panic attack) but luckily (VERY LUCKILY) the owners were at the house doing yard work in preparation for another viewing the next day (second panic attack - more people coming to view MY HOME!) Within three minutes of seeing the property from the outside - I hadn't even gotten inside yet - I wrote on my clipboard for Michael to see:
THIS IS IT!!!  I just knew.
Leigh and Carmen took us around the property and inside the house for a tour that lasted hours as they told us every story that came with the house and all the renovations they had done. We couldn't have gotten the same information from the realtor. A few minutes after we arrived a woman arrived who was the niece of the old woman who had lived in the house for years. She had many more stories to share about the house and Leigh and Carmen gave her some things they had found while renovating: an old birth certificate of her aunt and a graduation photo of her mother, a homemade Christmas decoration and the namepost that had been at the end of the driveway by the road. With all the personal stories we were told the house changed into a home right before our eyes.

Then it turned out that Michael and Leigh had both worked in the satellite business in the 80's and knew a lot of the same people! What are the odds of that happening I wonder? While they had a great chat about various people they both knew Carmen and I took a walk around the forest and I fell even more in love with the property. We toured inside and loved the work they had put into the place: they had to take it down to the studs as the gyp rock was crumbling and there was no insulation. The electrical was all redone and a new bathroom added so that there was one on each floor. The floors had several layers of linoleum and plywood which they managed with great effort to remove and then refinished the original wood floors - beautiful!!

Then Michael and I went for our own walk around the forest and I panicked about other people coming to view the house and wondered if I should make an offer above the asking price. When we got back to the house Leigh and Carmen had talked and Leigh made ME an offer which was below the asking price!! They liked us - they really liked us!! Michael and I left to talk about the offer and have a look at the neighbourhood around the house - nearby Alberton and Northport.  I crunched numbers and decided I had to go for it.

We had planned to meet Leigh back at the house at 8pm.  He brought his fiancee Isabel and she said he could hardly wait until 8pm to come over to the house - he was as anxious as we were! Well, we set his mind at ease and called the realtor who earned the easiest commision ever in the history of real estate.

And the rest is history.....history in the making:)
View from the front porch of Crofters Lane
What a sky! Front porch - Crofters Lane
Our view of Cascumpec Bay & one of our new neighbours cutting hay.
My morning routine - coffee on the front porch - drinking in the view!

Another view from the front porch of Crofters Lane



  1. I love the fact that you cared about the history of the house and the people in it. Too many people anymore are just about some mortar and glass. Stone and floorspace. I love my house with a passion and hope that when I leave (if they don't bury me in the basement) the people who live here next, appreciate the history as well. My house was built in 1920. Almost a century house!

  2. It was the personal details that helped me see the house as a home. As you can see, it isn't worth a million dollars, but who can put a value on the heart? And my heart is definitely there!


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