Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Backwards Story - This is IT - House #5

I uploaded these photos in reverse order, and seeing as I'm sitting at a Starbucks and the internet signal isn't the strongest, I really don't want to delete and start over - so this will be the story of a house purchase, told "sdrawkcab".

So: here I am strolling with Michael through a park in Charlottetown, taking picture after picture of the beautiful architecture when suddenly I got a phone call. As I dug furiously through my purse trying to find my cell I started to panic because the usual callers give up after 5 or less rings. Thankfully this caller was persistent and stayed on the line til I gave a breathless "hello?" The caller gave me the happy news that the mortgage application that I had done by phone just that very morning and was told wouldn't even be looked at for two days had been APPROVED. Yay!
This is me signing some papers that meant I was making an offer to purchase with the condition of a home inspection and blah blah blah.... yawn. Note the wine bottle, beer bottle and empty glasses. Hmmmm, should I have thought about this a while longer and with less alcohol in my system?? Naaaaah!

This is me and Michael after making the decision to purchase this house and land near beautiful Alberton, PEI. Don't we look happy???

This is an optical illusion of my and Michael's footprint in the sand at Northport, near Alberton. Sometimes it looks like our footprints are concave, sometimes convex, depending on the angle you look at them from. Weird huh?

And......ta da! This is the beautiful 60 year old farmhouse that we purchased along with a few acres of land including the forest behind our house. More details about the house in my next post....or two.....or three.

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Canadian Saver said...

This is a gorgeous house!! I love it. Alberton is great, I stayed at the Northport Pier Inn a few years ago. My uncle is from Tignish Shore, not too far. It's a really quiet, cozy part of PEI and the people are extremely friendly.

Can't wait to read more about your adventures on PEI!!