Friday, February 26, 2010

See and Be Scene: Cheryl Lescom - She's Still Got It!

Cheryl baby, you still got it going on.

The last time Cheryl sang at the Firehall, here in London, was over twenty years ago and she was pregnant. I always loved to go hear Cheryl wail out blues songs back in the day so I
was so happy that she came to sing at the Firehall reunion last Saturday night.

With her signature tousled blonde hair and her throaty Joplinesque voice she
didn't disappoint. The familiar constant stomping of her boots to the
beat of every song took me back to earlier days when
she was a regular fixture on London's bar circuit.

Happily Cheryl is playing this weekend at the Wortley Roadhouse so
I have another chance to listen to her amazing voice
and to be captured by her friendly inclusive stage presence.

See you in about four hours Cheryl!


  1. I got turned onto this artist in April, what the hell took so long. LOL

    I mean she's only been around since 1975.

    When I googled her tonight I saw your blog. When I saw where you're from I had to reply.

    When I very young in the 60s we (my parents and grandmother) went to London, Ont. once a year in the summer every summer. I mean just for the day for shopping and dinner then back to Detroit.

    I can still remember the stores and the english accents. Probably has changed a lot since that time. I've got to admit I hated the ride to and from, I got road sick. So after I was 11 or 12 I refused to go. My mothers side had relatives in Toronto so I was dragged there too!

    Though back then you could take the train straight from Mi. Depot in Detroit to Toronto. Now if you want to catch the train you have to go to Windsor. Anyway I liked it once we we actually got there, uh but that ride in the car. Forget it.

    Seems to me then London had some sort of mall but it might of been just some building ( I remember having to use the bathroom ). But I do remember a particular downtown area of stores and shops.

    I do know Toronto has completly chaged as my mother was there a couple of years ago. Unfortunately most of the family is gone now, my dad and his whole side and obviously my mom's mom my grandmother. But she loved going to London every year back then.

    I got turned onto the blues very young and it became my life long passion. Glad I got turned on to your blog.

  2. Thanks for visiting Longshot! I moved to London in l981 but already knew it quite well as all of my 4 older siblings had moved to London so I visited alot. The mall you refer to could have been either the large Eatons dep't store or the equally large Simpson's dep't store in downtown London. The first "mall" wasn't built until 1973 - it was quite a huge event when in opened!
    It was after I moved to London in the 80's that I found Cheryl Lescom. She was a pretty big deal in those days - I remember hearing her on the radio all of the time as she sang the jingles for Molson's brewery!
    Funny you should comment now - I tried to see Cheryl last week - she was playing at the Wortley Roadhouse here in London but unfortunately there was a long lineup of people waiting to get in and it was already past midnight! I'm still a huge fan!
    I love the blues too, always have, went to the Blues Festival in Chicago in my younger days. Rock n' roll owes its existence to the blues.
    Anyways - welcome! Always great to connect with Cheryl fans!


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