Thursday, February 18, 2010

Financial Report

I know it's only a number but 1595 days until retirement just looks and sounds so much closer than 1600! And if I convert that into years it works out to a ridiculously small number -"4.37"!! BUT, counting in years vs. days just moves waaaayyyyyy toooooo slowly. I'm the type of person who needs to see results frequently, like, everyday:) hence the daily counter. And it is motivating to see the number of days drop everytime I post on my blog.

Of course, my mythical retirement all hinges upon meeting my personal financial goals. Therein lies the rub, so to speak. If I don't meet my savings goals and my debt repayment goal the daily counter doesn't mean a thing. So I have to say setting goals in order to retire early is a huge motivator - the "payoff" is so rewarding that I examine my bank accounts on a daily basis. I eagerly watch my line of credit go down and my savings go up as weekly payments to both occur. It would take a great catastrophe to make me miss a payment or adjust my goals in any way, shape or form. And hopefully, through setting up an emergency account with a weekly deposit, I will be ready for most catastrophes (within reason).....

That being said, I am considering making an adjustment to the amounts I am saving and repaying by increasing the payments to my line of credit and decreasing the amount I am saving. In the long run it wouldn't make any difference to my savings as an earlier debt repayment date would allow me to more than double what I am saving now each month plus it would have the added bonus of reducing the amount of interest I pay on my LOC. So I would be ahead of the game eventually. The other reason for doing this is that interest rates look to be rising in the next year or so and I really don't want to pay more in loan interest. So a win-win scenario to my way of thinking.

Just by adding on another $20 per week to my LOC payment I would be debt-free in 4 years rather than 4.5 years...imagine.

I think I've just talked myself into it!


  1. sounds good! I hate being in debt..once I paid off all but the house/car it was such a relief. now I just try to keep up with it monthly and I can't wait until the car is paid off! I thought about prepaying on it but with the economy here so bad I feel I need to build some savings just in case I'm out of work or something.

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