Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Beauty Can be Found in All Seasons

Went out for a walk on Sunday - the sky was a brilliant blue and the sunshine felt warm - a wonderfully precious (albeit short) reprieve from winter weather. As always we took our cameras with us and I got a few photos of the tough sturdy stuff that survived yet another Canadian winter:

lichen adds a spot of colour and texture to the endless white and captures the light,

two little burrs nestled together in a tiny depression made by the snow as if the snow was afraid to get too close to the prickliness,

the beauty of complementary colours - cool pale blue and richly warm burnt sienna - the oak leaves hanging with such confidence having emerged from the wind and blowing snow fully intact,

the impossibly curving lines of limbs and trunks that didn't survive fully intact..

the beginnings of an immense naturally forming teepee,

another curving tree trunk - how did this happen? Its roots were still imbedded in the ground.

I didn't notice the leaf until I reviewed the photo later - another happy accident of nature!

I took a whole series of these erect stems dissected by flowing organic blue stripes - just LOVE the effect of the abstract background.

the sun sinking in the west - the end of a truly inspiring walk through the beauty of winter.

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