Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Going to the Birds

Yes, it's true, I have gone to the birds. And why not, I eat like a bird. Nuts, seeds and berries - but I do draw the line at worms! Oh yes, and road kill, unless it's fresh...

I watched this plump pair of doves for the better part of an afternoon while I puttered around my property in Bayfield and carved a piece of sumac. They started out very close, side by side looking for all the world like a contented old married couple. As time went by they started looking in opposite directions, then gradually moved apart until they were facing away from each other - a lover's quarrel I wondered as they gave each other the cold shoulder?

But like lifelong mates, they got over their little spat and gradually came back together again, snuggling close.

This sweet little wren I watched zoom in and out of the birdhouse below feathering her nest with all sorts of things, chirping loudly if I leaned in too closely to peer inside. My dad, the old DH, would have been happy to know that his birdhouse is still being used to house a new little brood of babies.

I attached another of his birdhouses to a fence across from my trailer and it too is occupied.....

while over my head a robin sat patiently on her eggs in a sun dappled haven. Simply glorious.

Back together again.

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