Wednesday, May 27, 2009

When Life Throws you a Curve Make a Detour

I've gotten off the track just a wee bit lately. But that's OK. See how flexible I am becoming? Hah! Life has thrown me a curve, and I've decided to take a detour.

Just as I got my five year plan in place - save, pay off debt, retire early in 5 years, go off to Nova Scotia and buy land and wait for the world to end while I did some bee-keeping or alpaca-raising or some dog-rescuing... something, someone popped up on my radar and changed everything.

I thought I had my life all figured out. After a few failed relationships I decided I was a much happier (read less unhappy) person on my own. Always very independent I carried on with my career, raised my daughter, bought a trailer and made my plans to retire in 5 years on a reduced pension. Well that plan has changed to a degree. I no longer think about "life beginning at retirement" - I've decided to start living now....and living "in the now." My 5 year plan has become a 5 hour plan, sometimes even a 5 minute plan.

The structure of the plan is still in place. Money continues to be socked away, debt continues to be paid down, and I still hope to retire early in 5 years. I'm just not going to wait 5 years for my life to begin. It seems that for my entire 53 years (as of yesterday "happy birthday to me"!) I've been waiting for life to begin. When I finish highschool....when I finish university....when I make it to the top of the pay grid....when the house is paid off....when when when, never now never today.

Enough I say! Rise up, live a little, it doesn't hurt to be spontaneous once in awhile! Get off the highway and take a detour. Take the path less travelled, you might find you enjoy it more than the paved busy freeway. Explore, take a risk, take a chance, you don't have to play it safe all of the time. Instead of settling for "less unhappy" grab for the gusto, seize the moment, you only live once! (Don't quote me on that one!) All I know is I am having the time of my life and my 5 year plan isn't suffering one little bit!


  1. Hey You Go Girl! and Happy Birthday! I've been about the same I guess with deciding I need to be living now.I'm by myself by default - had one serious relationship that was all one-sided and it went kaput finally and I'm just too afraid to go fishing for the 'other fish in the sea' but I'm starting with the clothes and makeup a bit..'warming up' so to speak! I wouldn't mind someone in my life now but I'm 42 and pretty used to doing as I please..don't like a lot of drama of dealing with a man and all that garbage! well I know we women have garbage too but at least our garbage is interesting and makes sense! :-) I feel like goals are so far away and hard to keep on track but I keep putting myself back on track. I'll probably ramble on some more on my blog later hee hee! Love these pictures - is that trail in your yard or close by? beautiful!

  2. Hey there! The trail is within our city, about 2km away from me but like going into another world. I too have lots of "garbage" to deal with and had made my mind up 100% to live alone but "the best laid plans oft go awry" or however that goes. Or "life is what happens when you're busy making other plans". But, look at me, it's never too late. And I wasn't even looking either. Maybe that's the key. Get out there, mingle, have NO expectations and something might just happen.
    I couldn't imagine sharing my space either, and am VERY set in my ways, but somehow none of that matters when you connect with someone. I'm not naive enough to think THIS IS IT or anything like that, but am just enjoying the moment!

  3. I'm so happy for you! Enjoy your new relationship!
    That trail does seem like a different world! I'm still battling the 'wildlife' for my tomatoes! I've managed to get a handful of grape/cherry size ones and one sorta small-medium one..stil have 3 itty bitty ones ripening on the shelf and ate about 4-5 tonight.
    I'll probably start getting out more and who knows. I've decided I'm content as I am but am open to change (positive change that is!)

  4. Hi! I miss your posts! Is everything ok?

  5. I had also decided I was content as I was, famous last words... Yes, everything is fine, just the last few weeks of school is always crazy, exams begin next week, report cards coming due, field trips, pulling the kids down off the ceiling as they go crazy for summer holidays - it's all good!
    Seven days of classes left, hard to believe, then it's a long, hopefully hot, summer at the trailer. Yippee!


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