Friday, June 26, 2009

Fascinating Feet

I think feet are highly under-rated. I don't know about you, but I use mine all of the time. And I do mean all of the time. One of the things about having ADD is that some part of me is always in motion - with me it's my feet.

At work I only sit for brief snatches of time, a minute here and a minute there. I no sooner sit down when I pop back up again - to fill my coffee cup, answer the phone, attend to a student, turn down the airconditioning down, or up, it's great fun working with several menopausal women, including me. Even when I do finally sit for a few minutes one leg crossed over the other my feet are constantly moving. Up and down, back and forth, to and fro, wiggle, waggle, wiggle, waggle.

My feet are good at lots of things: they can change direction quickly in a game of volleyball, they can peddle a bike for hours, they can walk and run (well, jog), kick a ball, climb stairs 2 at a time and leap small buildings (lego) in a single jump. My feet are good at balancing too, I used to like the balance beam in highschool (remember highschool?)

Even nowadays I like to try my luck walking across a concrete parking divider to see if I can still do it, or walk across a partially submerged log at the edge of the lake. In the photos above and below I show off my balancing expertise (and new pedicure) crossing a log many, well several, inches above the whirling frosty Lake Huron rapids. Every time a wave slapped me in the shins I gave a little screech but managed to hang on til the end.

Getting totally wet here, but it was exhilarating nonetheless!

Whoa, getting slippery here, trying out the sideways shuffle.

Note the prehensile strength and ability to curl my toes around any protuberance or crevasse. I think my feet look strong and well capable of holding up my well-rounded pear-shaped yet muscular frame.
I am proud of my feet. I take them with me everywhere. Whenever I look down, there they are, wiggling away. My heels may dry out and crack despite daily applications of Dermal Therapy, my toenails may be ingrown, and my baby toes may stick out at right angles but dammit they're dependable!
Where would I be without them??

I think my feet even reveal my emotions. Guess what I'm doing in the photo above? Go one...guess! Can't guess? Give up??
I am waiting in line for a moosetracks icecream in a waffle cone. Mmmmmmmmm, my feet can hardly wait!!


  1. very cute! I love your should do a book with them! I'm nowhere near your level of athleticism..walking on one of those things in the parking lot is about the extent of it for me! I like watching ballet and gymnastics but not good at it myself!

  2. I miss your posts :-( I guess you're off for the summer? Hope you're doing ok and having a great summer!

  3. Hi Suzy! I'm back after much contemplation. Wasn't sure I could continue with my blog concept after the many changes in my life but think I have figured out how to make it work. It will be a gradual change over time to reflect my journey from self centredness to more of a global attitude.

  4. Hey glad to see you're back! Hope all is going ok for you.

  5. Hey glad to see you're back! Hope all is going ok for you.


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