Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Change Your Perspective

A friend and I took a little trip to Pt. Stanley last week. We flew a kite, walked on the beach, had some fries and milkshakes at Mackies and then went exploring. We went down side roads and back roads and gravel roads until I wasn't sure which direction I was heading when we crossed a little bridge. I glanced down into the river and saw debris and dead trees clogging the small river and remarked: "this spot doesn't look very promising, I don't think this is a very good spot to explore."

Needless to say my friend disagreed so we pulled over on the grassy verge to take a closer look. Boy was I wrong. The one thing about hanging out with a life coach is you learn that it's OK to admit that you're wrong. Did I say I was wrong??

You can see the bridge in the picture above - can you see the bench underneath the bridge? The view from down the river looking back at the bridge is so beautiful - you can't see that beauty while on the bridge - a change in perspective is needed (oh and can't that just apply to so many situations and problems that arise on a daily basis??) Mais oui!

After walking down the riverbank and back I discovered these daisies, so clean and fresh. They made me think of my sister Dale who loves daisies so much we called her Daisy Dale.

Down by the river the wild phlox was in bloom and this little bud caught my eye. The sweetness of its unfolding was just so precious and fleeting I had to capture it so I could look at it over and over again.

I came across several trees about to blossom into full bloom. I don`t know what kind of trees these were but the fragile tenderness of these buds just about made me weep. Soft, full, milky and delicate it seemed as if all of nature was held in their buds.

Over and over I kept coming back to gaze on their softness. My appreciation of their passing beauty held me in thrall and I was so grateful that we stopped to explore what I thought was just another garbage-filled river.

Don`t pass by something just because it looks unpromising. Stop and take another look, because you might just find something beyond your expectations that makes you pause and wonder. Look beyond your first impression - I`m glad I did.


Suzy said...

beautiful posts and pics! A different perspective usually works wonders. heck even the Houston skyline looks like a million bucks when you drive in on a clear night and see the buildings lit up(in the day it usually looks smoggy and ugly)! I still prefer nature though for my landscapes though it seems it's getting harder and harder to find nature undisturbed. my parents used to go to Branson, MO a lot and would take a picture at the same lookout spot and what used to be all trees and mountains you now see condo after condo after condo in the background.

cindy said...

Your countdown to retirement is fabulous. No doubt you will hang up the hallpass and skip gleefully into any sunset that comes your way.

Your photographs are positively stunning. But what really snapped my head around was a line in your June 10 post where you wrote "change your perspective". I use that exact phrase on my blog in a goofy little trailwalking video I made about creating a creative life. How do these synchronicities just happen? Beautiful mysteries. Huh.

Cindy (a fellow Canuck on the other coast)