Thursday, June 25, 2009

Favourite Shots of the Week

The photo above was taken on Monday in Pt. Stanley. I was test-driving my new (to me) car and splurged on Mackie's perch, fries and milkshake! Yum yum. It was a warm night and the beach was packed with people enjoying our first truly summer weather. It looks like the setting sun is being held gently between two very large hands.

This photo was taken the same day, but very early in the morning as I was driving home from Bayfield. It was a misty morning with the promise of heat and humidity to come. Glorious.

This is my favourite sunset photo so far this season. I was getting "artsy-fartsy" as my sister likes to call it by taking the photo through some long grass. I was so pleased with how it turned out.

The plants and flowers are a bit slower to mature in Bayfield than in London but I can see the beginnings of my little lamb hydrangea buds - can't wait to see them unfold. Unfurl?

The fuschia blossoms on my golden spirea are just opening up. I love the contrast of the fuschia with the green.

I took hundreds of photos this week in Bayfield, along the highway and in Pt. Stanley. I love capturing a moment in time so I can look back and remember the beauty in each passing moment.


Suzy said...

wow those are beautiful! my little garden isn't doing too well..even with daily watering they're all wilted when I get home. The temps have been around 100 here and the deck area is enclosed so I think it's probably hotter on them that the thermometer says.

Yvonne said...

First time visiting your page. Love the 'feet' story and the sunset photo. What camera and lens are you using? I'd love to know. I love being behind the lens of a camera myself.

Hazel Nut said...

Hi Yvonne: sorry I took so long answering your question - took the summer off and am now just getting back into it again. My camera is a canon powershot, a great camera in its price range but nothing fancy at all. Hope to hear from you again!