Friday, March 27, 2009

Weekly Dump: And a Partridge in a Pear Tree

Just a few of the items exiting the ol' homestead this week: a beeootiful cat scratching post that my two snooty cats totally ignored for the last 10 years, an old tray (with stand) that I just never got around to refinishing, a wooden doohickey bought to display some items I was selling at a craft sale (bought at Talize & returned 3 years later to the same store), and yet another ugly Christmas decoration bought only God knows why!

As I look at that pyramid of discards I just see the money wasted on silly, impulse purchases. More important than getting rid of such items is ending the shopping habit once and for all. I hereby vow to only shop for specific items I need like I did today. I went into Home Sense looking for a 13 by 9 baking pan to make a dessert for a dinner party I'm attending tomorrow night. I was mightily tempted by the gorgeous displays, especially the home and garden displays that were front and centre now that the temperature has risen above 0.

I proudly announce I left with only the baking pan which was also on clearance so YAY! Then I went to the grocery store and bought the items I needed to make the dessert and made only 1 other purchase that wasn't on my list - applesauce! Not bad!

AND I went into Winner's because I haven't had a new spring jacket since my mom bought me one when I was 10 and that's what I bought. I admit I hovered around the jeans for awhile but actually said "no" to myself and my self listened.

Maybe, just maybe, I can get more stuff out of this place than is coming in so when it's time to retire and move I can rent just the little wee truck.

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