Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday's Menu: Memories of India

I have a confession to make: before Saturday night I had never eaten any food of the Indian persuasion. I have been missing out!

A friend cooked up a feast to share by candlelight during Earth Hour on the weekend. The bread - roti - was delicious and while most of the foods were familiar (rice, cauliflower, potatoes, chickpeas, cucumbers) the unique combinations, the sauces and the spices resulted in flavour sensations that I never wanted to end!

All the dishes served were vegetarian and pretty inexpensive to prepare. Now that I have ventured outside of my comfort zone I want to continue exploring and savouring these new tastes by making a few recipes myself. I have discovered a great blog called Enjoy Indian Food, which just happens to be a Blogger blog. There are so many recipes on this blog that I should be able to experiment for months and months to come.
Check it out!

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