Thursday, March 26, 2009

Money Saving Tip of the Week - Make Your Own Tea

There's nothing like a warm cuppa on a cold morning, nobody appreciates that little comfort more than I do. In years past my early morning routine included a not-so-quick pitstop at my local Tim Horton's to buy a steeped tea for about $1.65.

In the interest of saving time I decided to make my own tea at work. I refuse to use the drive through window and didn't enjoy having to park and wait in line inside Timmy's for the privilege of paying them to make me a cup of tea. At that point I wasn't even thinking about the money I would save. But I'm thinking about it now as I look for more ways of hanging onto my hard-earned cash.

Let's do the math: if I stop for coffee 250 times a year @ $1.65 I will spend $412.50. That's basically flushing $412.50 down the toilet! Yikes!

Now each morning as I pour boiling water over my 4 cent Red Rose teabag I can rejoice that something so comforting is still so cheap!

1 comment:

G. Harrison said...

4 cents for a tea bag? Luxury!

Haven't you heard of chicory from the side of the road?

I shake my head....