Saturday, March 21, 2009

Weekly Budget: Balanced or Blown?

I did so so on the budget this week. This being March break I spent more than usual on eating out but that was balanced by less spent on groceries.

Groceries at Real Canadian Superstore on Oxford- $45 (10% discount thanks to my daughter working there!)
Dinner at Aromas on Richmond St. - $40 (A real steal! Felipe, the owner gave us a yummy bottle of wine free & a fellow diner paid for a bottle, so my share of the wine bill was only $6...we also weren't charged for our glasses of wine while we waited 45 minutes for our table)
Lunch at Tony's on Dundas St. - $20
CD - $5 (More on this later)
iTunes downloads - $7 (one of my regular indulgences)
Movies - $16 (ok, so I bought a bag of licorice too)
Icecream at Dairy Queen on Highbury Ave. on 1st day of spring (good excuse eh?) - $7
My 1/2 share of junk removal - $40 (1-888-Junk-Van was charging 1/2 price this week so my neighbour and I shared a van - got rid of a mattress and some old plywood)
Drinks & food at London Music Club on Colborne St. - $20
Gas - $25 (Real Canadian Super Store!)
Wine - $65 (hey, that's not bad for 6 bottles of wine - two were on sale, honest!) (And they'll last me much longer that a week, maybe even longer than 2 weeks!)

Extra income!!!!
$1.60 in returned bottles at the Beer Store on Adelaide St.
$0.66 redeemable at the Superstore for buying their gas
200 points from the Superstore for buying groceries

That brings me to about $287.74 for the week and my budget is $300 a week for spending on food, gas and misc. I may have forgotten a few things but as luck would have it I can't log in to TDCanada Trust right now - they are having a few problems...hopefully not with MY account. So for blogging purposes I'll assume I came in under budget this week (a wink is as good as a a blind horse).

Stay tuned for next week's episode of "Weekly Budget: Balanced or Blown?"

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