Saturday, March 28, 2009

Weekly Budget: Balanced or Blown?

Oops - a new jacket is hanging in my closet. Let's see if my weekly budget is balanced or blown.

Groceries - $65.74
23.42 (ingredients for a dessert for tonight's dinner party)
Gas - 20.80
Scarf - 16.95 (on sale at Reitman's)
Jacket - 124.26 (obviously not on sale - oops! but it goes with my silver-grey hair stunningly!)
Baking pan- 25.99 (clearance price)
Beer - 10.00 (after weekly volleyball game)
Charity - 5.00 (casual Friday)
Total: $292.16
Budget $300.00
Surplus: $ 7.84

Extra money earned this week: I had budgeted $65 for hydro this month but the bill was only $57 so I was able to add $8 to my balance. Always a good idea to over-estimate to get those nice little bonuses throughout the month. With $300 budgeted this week for variable expenses I ended up with a credit of $15.74. With other little savings during March I have about $120 left with 3 days left in this month. I'll probably put that towards my new visa debt.

Although on target for this week I did make a large expenditure using visa although it hasn't shown up on my bill yet. The reason for falling off the credit card wagon? Neil Young is coming to town, to little ol' London, Ontario. He is one of two performers I want, need, must see before I die, the other one being Paul McCartney. So I am shelling out $375 on 2 tickets - I mean if I'm going to see Neil Young I want to be as close as possible, it may only happen once.

Yes, a rationalization, but how would we get through our days without them?


  1. sorry I missed you at coffee yesterday, Hazel. were you wearing your new coat? Snazz.

    Balance is everything, eh?

    Reduce, recycle, reuse as much as possible, so there's money for small pleasures.

    Neil Young will be worth the money. However, if he's a bust we'll go to London Music Club to make up the diff.

    I ordered my wood lathe, $130, down from $180; paid with money earned from the last paint job I did. I'll listen to my Neil Young CDs while turning free red cedar and black walnut found nearby. Can hardly wait.

    I think I have a nice blend of Harrison and Catton genes; some frugality and a bit of creativity.

    BYW; was Facebooked by Debra Catton; who is she? are we related? i thought i'd ask before I confirm or ignore.



  2. Debra is Murray's wife. Murray comments on my facebook page from time to time and it takes me back to when we were teenagers and spent so much time together - he sounds like he hasn't changed one bit!

  3. You are fanatic in passion. i really enjoyed reading your blog. keep it up. im looking forward on your daily post.


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