Sunday, May 22, 2016

Oh Deer!! (30 Day Nature Challenge)

Can you see the shapes of deer in the thicket?
No? Let me get closer......
There they are!!
They're keeping their eye on me as they enjoy a delicious lunch of grasses, plants and flowering weeds.
Usually when I spot deer it's only one or two together. This time I hit the jackpot - there were 6!! Moms and babies.
 This one is giving you a good view of its rear end - now you can clearly see why they are called white-tailed deer.

Leaving the thicket.... they don't seem to mind me following...
 I found a leafy spot where I could see them better than they could see me :)
 I am learning how to walk very quietly!  After awhile they moved on to the remains of a corn field. I left my leafy coverage to get more photos - they were remarkably NOT jumpy and tolerated me to my surprise and gratitude! Here they are posing for me :) This is when I need a camera with a better zoom lens!
  Aren't they so beautiful?
 Looks like it's time to go!
 Heading for the trees...
 Don't forget me!!
 Wait!! I have an itch!
Sigh...ok we're waiting...
Last one home is a rotten egg!
These daily experiences have an incredible power - any physical or psychological pains I may be feeling completely disappear. I'm in the moment and think about nothing except what I'm seeing and hearing. Very healing to the soul, heart and mind. I highly recommend it!

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