Monday, May 3, 2010

The Calcium Diet: Phase Two

Now that I am getting used to my slimmer shape and am happily receiving positive reinforcement from my friends..."I've notice how skinny you're getting!"...I have moved on to Phase Two of the diet. AND I've allowed myself (because I feel in control - wow, that's a great feeling let me tell you!) and have treated myself (twice over the past 3 weeks) to Dairy Queen!

Woops! Probably shouldn't have mentioned THAT part, but hey, we're all human in fact, I think I am especially human :)

And the truth of the matter is that the next day I'm right back on track and the occasional slip...or REWARD as I like to call it...actually HELPS me stay on track since I know I can have something once in awhile and still be in control. Neither time have I felt like getting back on the "icecream train" with a gallon of Heavenly Hash and a big spoon.

In Phase Two (back to the alleged topic of this post) a new food gets added back into my diet each week. I will still continue to lose weight though not as quickly but I am pretty much at my goal anyway.

The first addition was to alternate "chicken" with the enormous amounts of fish I'd been eating - yummy! Grilled chicken in my salad!

The second week I added a second serving of fruit - an apple - to my afternoon snack along with my yogurt. It was wonderful to sink my teeth into that crisp, juicy apple, let me tell you! (IF, like me you have sluggish bowels, you can alternate that apple with a 125ml glass of prune juice - it does the trick! P.S. - this is called "personalizing your diet :)!)

I stuck with that for a couple of weeks and just this past weekend cooked up a big pot of White Bean Soup in order to add one daily serving of legumes. I used white "navy" beans (couldn't find cannellini beans) and it also contains shallots and zucchini and seasoned diced tomatoes. It weights in at only around 135 calories and is SOOOOOOOOO delicious! I used canned beans which really speeds up preparation time - the whole thing only took me about 30 minutes to prepare AND cook! The recipe can be found HERE.

Next week I get to add sweet potatoes to my diet - 1/2 a baked sweet potato two to three times a week - mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

Stayed tuned for that mouth-watering addition!