Sunday, July 29, 2012

Down the Forest Path

Lots of good news today: my nephew is off his respirator and breathing on his own. He has moved both sides of his upper body and has been placed in a full body halo brace while the affected vertebrae in his neck and back heal. They are beginning to wean him off the heavy sedatives he's been on so hopefully he'll wake up in the next few days to see his family gathered around him.

I have another nephew who lives in Toronto and he has offered his apartment to my sister, her ex and her son. So they are going to stay there for the next week or two AND it's only a 20 minute walk to the hospital. This will really help out financially AND give them a place to feel more at home in during the recovery process.

In my last post I had alluded to Michael being very busy recently. He's been working at our local pub and around our property. This past week he took me outside to show me something in the forest - he's created a wonderful meandering path through our forest ending up on the far north-west corner where he's cleared a spot for watching the sunset! It's like entering another world where the only sounds are the birds singing over our heads, chipmunks rustling in the undergrowth and the wind sighing through the tall trees. Huge banks of ferns, tumbled down trees, ancient stumps and the occasional piece of rusting farm machinery add to the mystery and stillness. It's a magical place.

While exploring "off the path" one day we discovered another little clearing which will be perfect for our little forest hut we want to build as a refuge for meditation (Michael), naps (me!) and the occasional sleepover (both of us!)  I'm so happy that Michael has turned a formerly inaccessible part of our property into such an inviting and peaceful sanctuary - thank you my dear!

I'll forgive you for speeding through the following photos - there are SO MANY of them - and these are only a small fraction of the shots I took! I am so taken with our "enchanted forest" it was hard not to include ALL of the photos but I couldn't do that to you!

 Michael created three entrances to the forest path - follow me around this clump of day lilies and we'll see if we can find our way in!
 There's the beginning of the path!
 It's ok, I won't let you get lost!
One of the many "fern gullies" along the path.
 The forest is filled with spruce, many types of birch, balsam fir, American beech and aspen.

 I love the filtered sunshine making its way through the trees to sparkle on the path.

 Looking up!
 Getting closer!
Hmmmmm...I wonder if those tires would fit my car!
 This tree has fallen over - did anyone hear it fall???
 A little "buddha" lichen :)

 Oops, there goes another tree! We'll have wood for our campfire for years and years! We'll also leave the larger trees that have fallen on the forest floor to become habitats for the small creatures that inhabit the woods.
 A majestic trunk hollowed out by the passage of time.
 I'm going to keep this branch - it's perfect for a walking stick - it looks like something Gandolph would use!
OK, back on the path!

I think we're almost there!

 There's the clearing!
 One lawn chair and a number of "found objects" decorate the space.
 "Tree Art"
 A lounge chair if you need a rest after your walk!
 More "tree art!" I love this piece of iron - it makes me think of "The Nightmare Before Christmas"

 A nice splash of cobalt blue!
 What the heck is this??

Looking in from the field.
Michael enjoying his creation.
 Taking a load off :)
Checking out the view.

Very spacious!
 A wreath! A roll of old barbwire being taken back by nature!
 Very idyllic I think..
 Our side table - yes, it's a little rusty but it works!
An ancient foosball table??

 There is beauty to be found everywhere!

 Another ancient machine - we found this one near the clearing where we're going to build our hut.

 Michael wrestling with a piece of machinery...
 and Michael wins!  He wants to have a garden and is using some found wood to border the garden area.
 There's a hole in my bucket...can you see the slightly battered FACE in ye olde bucket?
Doesn't our new space look peaceful?
 And now we can watch the sun set over the distant trees!  (We watch it rise from our front porch)

An example of what a little "sweat equity" can provide - PRICELESS!! Thank you Michael - I love our new space <3