Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Gangnam Style

Lots to tell you but that'll have to wait awhile. I've been struck down by some sort of pinched nerve thingy in my back and my right shoulder, arm, and hand are numb and in great pain. I've had drugs, physio, xrays, deep tissue massage and finally some relief Monday night in the form of acupuncture.  Guess which one of those treatments ISN'T covered by my health provider. You guessed it - acupuncture!!

After my acupuncture treatment I slept through the night for the first time in two weeks. I go again tomorrow hoping for further improvement. Until then I continue to stretch and type with my left hand only.

But I have a little treat for you! Some teachers at my school (myself included) and a few students did a little dance routine to the Gangnam Style song.  See if you can find me!!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Pinch Me!

I must be dreaming! Just when I thought all my problems were over and I was in a really good place my back gives out on me. I've had a pinched nerve in my upper right shoulder causing pain and numbness in my neck, shoulder, arm, hand, and fingers, all on the right side and yes of course I'm right handed. There is no comfortable way to sleep and I feel Very Cranky! Can't sleep, can't work, can't do much of anything other than tap out a few words with my left hand and lay on the floor listening to audio books.
So if you're looking for me look down on the floor, just don't trip over me though! Tomorrow I see my doctor about my X-rays and will ask for referrals for chiropractor and physio. So far I've been getting some killer massages-didn't know there were so many points of pain in one body.

Monday, January 7, 2013

B A A A A C K !!!

I'm back.
Back from our camping adventure!
Back from feeding the birds....
Back from chillin' on the dock....
Back in your face!

And back to school!  Sigh....oh well, I bought myself a new daily ZEN calendar to pump me full of daily inspiration. It really works. If you haven't tried it and need to add a little pep to your step, a little light to your day, a little positive to balance the negative try a ZEN calendar.

Then you too can have a work space like mine! See all of those little square pages above my computer monitor? And hanging off my bulletin board...
and stuck to the filing cabinet beside my desk...

Little pieces of paper that look like this...
 Makes you think huh?  If we have failed or struggled in our chosen careers we should be able to do an even better job...
 We are all a work in progress....never stop striving to fulfill your potential!
 Unfortunately, this is so....which is why I end up doing ten times as much work in my classroom as anyone else...telling someone how you want something done - well you just know they aren't going to do it the way you want it we do it ourselves!
Repeat after me...."If A is success in life...well SHUT my mouth!!"  hahahahah - LOVE this one!! I practise it daily!!
AMEN! I felt defeated last year, that's a fact. And by Jove it was bitter! Never again!
 Which is why I shop at Goodwill.....just sayin'....
 because failure is actually an opportunity...
oops, sorry, hope I didn't scare ya!! Nudge nudge wink wink!  I have seen this in action with my EAs and I tell ya it's true!
 I texted this one to Michael on a rough day and it really made a difference to his day :) It's one of my all time favorites.  It may be "cloudy" but that doesn't mean it's gonna rain!

 This one speaks to me about people with negative attitudes who give up without even trying because they just KNOW it ain't gonna work!
   There have been so many rungs missing over the past year I'm a freakin' kangaroo!
Tired?? What's that?!!
This one just about sums it all up don't ya think?!  Amen!!

If you've got the time you should come over and look at my FRIDGE!! It's totally covered!! You just might find that one little saying that'll brighten up your day and provide the motivation to keep on keepin' on!!