Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Money Madness

May is always a tough month on the budget.  It's my birthday month and the government (in its finite wisdom) thought it would be a nice time to stick car owners with an additional annual bill in the form of a car license plate sticker.
not mine

That little sticker with the month and year on it now costs $108.00. (Up from $75.00 two years ago!!) I need to come up with my own money scam!! Canada averages 662 cars per 1000 people for a total of over 23 million cars. Multiply that by $108.00 per sticker and you've got a number too big for my calculator! WOW!

Okay, back to MY budget. There were a few other expenses that I don't usually have. I've spent a fair bit on plants which makes me HAPPY. I had to buy another computer charging cord which makes me UNHAPPY. I bought a fair bit of wine which makes me HAPPY followed the next morning by UNHAPPY. I've exceeded my charitable donation goal for this month which makes me HAPPY. I booked an Airbnb for my trip to Ireland which makes me HAPPY. I made two thrifting trips which made me HAPPY.

So....overall my expenditures made me HAPPY!!

I think I've created a new way to budget!!

And they say money can't buy happiness!! HAH!!

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