Saturday, May 14, 2016


My walk in the forest today wasn't too bad considering....considering that it feels like 1c and the wind is howling! Nothing like a 20 degree change in temperature from one day to the next! Once I got in amongst the trees I could hear the wind in the tops of the trees but it couldn't reach me thankfully. I said a little prayer though as I listened to the branches creaking away - please don't let a branch fall on my head...please don't let a branch fall on my head...please don't...

I didn't see so much as a turkey today - everyone was taking shelter I guess. Yesterday I saw three deer running in the distance on the edge of a corn field where it meets the forest. I scurried over as quickly as I could hoping to catch another glimpse of them but saw these guys instead...
 ...gobble gobble!
Tonight the forecast is calling for the temperature to go down to -4c!!! That will be a new record low. Perhaps I was a bit too cocky buying so many potted plants but who figured we'd be getting March weather in May!! I'll be covering up my plants or bringing them inside for the cats to eat. One or the other. 
I found this in regard to keeping plants from getting frost damage:
"A fabric covering will allow moisture to escape but will still protect plants from frost by preventing the freezing air from coming into direct contact with the moisture. Bed sheets work well for covering large plants and shrubs, as well as young sprouts. Newspaper can be used on low-growing foliage, but won’t stay on top of larger plants well." Source:  
I'm glad I checked as I would have used plastic! 
Well, I'm off to Greece in a couple of hours!!!!!!!!!!
Just kidding, I'm going to a Greek restaurant - does that count? Better go find my toga! Happy weekend everyone!

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