Monday, December 17, 2018

Not Kazi TOO!!

Not fair. One in my wee family (me) needing more testing re lumps in the you know what's.
Now Kazi has had an abnormal result too with a recent pap test. She's nervous, who wouldn't be? She doesn't have a date yet for whatever they do next so she's anxiously glued to her phone. Hope she doesn't have to wait too long. My next lineup of tests is mid-January.

As if she didn't have enough to worry about entering into her 4th week of new job training. She's doing well though, she texted me a photo this morning of her most recent test and she got 62/62 correct!

Of course for stress I head out to the forest. Experts say that even looking at photos of nature can ease stress so here goes - if you have any stressors these days (with Christmas around the corner who doesn't?!) then have a look-see...                                 

Look at that sky!!


The Nightmare before Christmas!

Spring is upon us - my maple trees are in bud too! :(

So relieved to know that Satan loves me hahaha! 
And yous too!
 10 9 8 7 6 5.....
 ....4 3 2 1 blast-off!

This one didn't get away...

you're welcome...

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Cats and Kilally

I just uploaded my latest set of photos from my camera to my laptop and I noticed that there are some very definite themes! Scenes of nature or scenes of Lily and Luna snuggling together like the very cozy and cute creatures that they are....sorta...guess I'll concentrate on the kitties for this post.

Here's Lily on her own...soaking up what heat is left once I turn the heating pad off...

 Here's Lunaburger on her own..."hey, I want some of that heat too!"

Looks like a romantic moment... except they're sisters...
and Luna is twice as big as Lily...

 Luna tries to smooth Lily's ruffled feathers with a good lickin'...

That's kinda nice... for a second or two...

Lily's really not sure about this... "I'm getting squeezed out!"

 Lily's eyes are narrowing..."get offa my heating pad!"
"Ohhhhh c'mon" says Luna - "I did lick you afterall..."

 "Well...let me think about it..."

 "I'll give you a couple of licks but then you gotta go..."

Whap! The claws are coming out! Lily gets
bapped on the nose...

A few more baps and Luna it taken care of - "see ya sucker!"

Shortly thereafter Lily follows me to the dining room and
Luna absorbs the rest of the heat. 
Learning to share is hard and makes even sisters grumpy!