Thursday, May 12, 2016

New (to me) Summer Wardrobe

Finally I got around to taking photos of my recent thrift shop purchases. My sister and I went to Talize while she was visiting and last week a friend and I went to a Goodwill Store. I ALWAYS find some that I need - hee hee!

Considering I've gotten rid of at least 2/3rds of my clothing since I retired I do have closet space. And looking ahead to a summer of hiking/biking and wandering around Ireland I tailored my purchases to my needs. For the most part. Bathing suits are a nightmare!! is a great yoga top - I love the elastic at the bottom so my top doesn't fall into my face during downward dog!

This is a top for running in - I can report today that during yesterday's run I ran much more smoothly and didn't get so winded. And I gave myself only about a minute break halfway through instead of 3-4 minutes. Go me!

A loose fitting T-shirt - multipurpose.

To wear with my jean shorts. Yes, I still wear jean cutoffs! And I likely always will :) You just cannot take the hippy out of the boomers!

I have conceded, however, to NOT wearing tops/dresses with spaghetti straps. Unless I have a tanktop or T-shirt underneath. Here's a really cute tank top I found.

And another, by Roots. I thought it was cute and it fits well.

This is a two-piecer attached at the shoulders. This will be worn with tights.

This will be worn with tights also on somewhat more fancy occasions.
 It has a nice crochet overlay.

I should have done a close up of the one below too as it has a nice lace piece added to the bottom.

I LOVE this next one with a blue shell pattern - the back overlaps creating a drape-y effect!

Shorts were on for half price so I got 3 pairs in basic neutral colours.

BOYFRIEND jeans!! Always wanted a pair :)
 Another great pair of jeans in a dark blue wash - don't tell anyone but these have a stretchy waistband with faux buttons and zipper :)

I think I have forgotten a couple of things - such as, I found a blue short-sleeve Columbia hiking shirt which fits well, that'll go to Ireland with me. And I bought a NEW (on sale) pair of stretchy capris for yoga and biking. I think I have all the bases covered! As for NEW stuff I would like to magically find a lovely bathing suit that hides all of my flaws (HAH!!), some new undies and socks and maybe another pair of hiking pants if I can find my favourite kind.

Have you found any good deals lately??

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