Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Thongs....oops...THINGS... going on around here...

 Although my favourite season is spring there is still beauty to be found in the colder seasons.
Especially if the sun is shining as it was last Friday - I don't think I've seen the sun since then - 
I wasn't through with you yet!

Hungry baby birds?

A reindeer?

Had my mammogram followup meeting on Monday and learned I have a tiny mass
in each breast. Chance of it being cancerous
 is 1-2%. I can handle that. 

Looking at things logically (which is what I try do) my mother and one of my older sisters both had a number of benign cysts removed so I feel it's safe to assume I'll be the same.
It's hard to tell but things were really mucky in
Kilally Meadows on Friday and I need to whack all the dried mud
off of my boots after this post.

The next two are my favourites - the camera focussed 
on the twigs and not on the sparkly river.
 Pretty cool!

 There's the river!

The nearby pond had a thin crust of ice - 
- I love the way it looks! 
Something alien about it...


Another creature in the woods.

So I will wait somewhat patiently for my next set of x-rays and
ultra sound which happen in mid-January. 
I had my splinted finger x-rayed on Monday - better safe
than sorry. No news yet,
Too bad there's nothing exciting going on in the next six weeks 
to take my mind off of thongs! 
Typing while wearing this splint is a challenge - I have so many typos. 


  1. Glad to hear your tests went well.
    No thongs around here....EVER! lolz

  2. What beautiful pictures! And I'm so glad that your tests look more than reassuring. Great news!

  3. Yes, it is a shame there is no seasonal thing to keep you and your mind busy! Fingers crossed for the best possible results with your follow up.

    The pictures are gorgeous. I don't see many creatures in the bare wood here, but in the summer the area is filled with kudzu dinosaurs.

  4. My Mom had fibrous lumps too - glad the percentages are so low. Winter is truly so bloody long, isn't it? I've been decorating this week and trying to get a last major project done for work, both of which are keeping me super busy. Are you planning any future trips? I do most of my planning in the winter although we don't have anything planned after our trip to Ixtapa in January as are not going to Europe in 2019. Just saving money for the next big trip

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