Wednesday, November 21, 2018

My Pocket Health

For those of you who live in Canada the website for accessing x-rays etc is Yes, this is a new service and I just found out about it when I went for my mammogram. The technician gave me a piece of paper with the info on it but I didn't sign up til I found out that the mammogram was abnormal. Then I thought I want to see what an abnormal result looks like and signed up on the website.

You need to create a login - user name and password and pay a ONE TIME $5.00 fee. Within about two minutes I was looking at my x-rays and reading the results and recommendations. I have a doctor's appointment on Nov. 26 and they have set up an app't for more tests and an ultrasound at a nearby hospital in mid-January.

I am concentrating on this bit of info:
"Most women will not need further testing beyond a special mammogram or ultrasound to find out their breast change is benign or a harmless variation of normal breast tissue."

I don't find I am dwelling on this "abnormal result" in fact, whenever it does come to mind it makes me think of "Young Frankenstein"!

Yuck yuck yuck!!


  1. Keeping good thoughts for you. Taking control and being knowledgeable goes along way in taking care of oneself.

  2. Long-time Reader, first-time commenter...hope this is just a cyst or a bit of denser tissue...good for you for not dwelling on it overly. Good luck!

  3. Fingers and toes crossed it's just a fibroid or something like that. Everyone should take a keen interest in their own health - you are such an active person, I always think of you as one of the healthiest people I know! I heard cold weather is coming to Ontario and Quebec (or maybe it is just Hell Freezing Over based on what Ford is doing) - keep warm my friend!

  4. I had a "strange" mammogram once - a darkening shadow, if you like. Second time around it was fine. I'm sure yours will come out all fine too - at least you had the test, which is more than many do. Fingers and toes crossed. Anna


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