Friday, November 2, 2018


Am I Jewish?   No.
Do I know any Jewish people?  Not sure - I don't measure the worth of a person by their religion.
Do I care that 11 people were killed, 6 injured while they practised their faith 
in Pittsburgh last Saturday?

Hell, yes!
And apparently so do many more Londoners as they packed
the Jewish Centre last night, filled an overflow room to capacity 
and jammed the foyer to show their support
for victims of yet another hate crime.
It was wonderful and horrible at the same time. 
As community and religious leaders spoke to the many
benefits of coming together as a strong brother and sisterhood in our fair city
I counted the large police presence in a state of shock!
A detachment of Ontario Provincial Police volunteered their
unpaid time to monitor the event.
Wonderful of them to stand up and make all of us feel secure; 
horrible that they had to.
It didn't occur to me to be afraid.
And then I thought...what must it do to a person's psyche to always
have to feel afraid? Always. Everyday.
One speaker spoke to the fact that many Jewish people are now
hiding their faith out of fear. I tried to imagine
feeling like I had to hide that I am of the Anglican faith. I couldn't
imagine it. I tried to imagine lying about where I am from
Again, I couldn't do it. 
I don't live in fear of anything. 
Lucky me.
I read this morning that the murderer who has been charged
with killing and injuring the innocents has pleaded
Not Guilty.
I understand insanity can be used in support of a Not Guilty plea.
Racism? Anti-Semitism? Bigotry in its many forms?
I don't think so!
Finally, I just want to say to my American friends and family that last night,
for the first time, I sang the American national anthem
with tears in my eyes. 


  1. It drives me crazy that he pleaded not guilty as well. I just don't get how racism and bigotry became ok again, it is happening right here in Canada too, not just the USA. Really really sad.

  2. It is never ok to hate and especially never ok to hate because of race or religion. Bigotry is not ok but you cannot legislate a persons attitude no matter how many laws are passed.
    I am not surprised at the plea he entered. Whoever is handling his case had no options other than a not guilty by insanity plea. I would hate to be his lawyer because who wants that as a client? At the same time I wish the laws for insanity were tightened up. It is used far too often

  3. I've been following it closely too. What a terrible tragedy! In certain countries you have to hide your faith for fear of persecution and death. What a shame that it's happened here. No one should be afraid, regardless of religion. Lunatics are not the norm. I'm sure he's going to pay for his murders. I pray that the family affected will get eventually find some peace.

  4. I lived in Pittsburgh and knew of that Synagogue. It is just appalling isn't it, not because they are Jewish but because they were targeted for that (or for being Christian, of Muslim or black or gay - I guess you get my meaning). It's odd because I play Words With Friends with an older chap in New York (I don't know him, we just "yack" away as we play). Regarding my love of travel he asked if I wasn't afraid to travel and nope, it never occurs to me to be afraid. Of course we can all be victim of lunatics with guns or bombs but because of my religion or my skin colour? Nope. How sad is it that some people have to be so!


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