Tuesday, November 20, 2018

If it wasn't for bad luck...

.......I'd have no luck at all!

This is what happens when you try to play volleyball like an 18 year old! The ball was being drilled over the net and I thought I could jump up and tip the ball right back to the other side!

Ummmm...NO! NO to the jumping and NO to the tipping. YES to excruciating pain like I've only felt once before...two years ago when I did the same bloody thing!

Most of the swelling is gone, and the colour is sort of getting back to normal. 

As long as it is in the splint there's no pain. But it is stiff as a board right now and I don't look forward to discarding the splint and starting physio exercises. Right now it doesn't bend...at all.

 On the bright side Kazi gets to do the dishes and take out the garbage.  I did some batch cooking last week and also had several kinds of frozen leftovers so the food situation is OK for now. 
Wow, it's like a rainbow of colours!

I really miss playing v-ball and ball hockey! I've had to replace my sports with riding my stationary bike and walking at Kilally Meadows, which is great as I haven't been to Kilally since September.

 It's still there :) The sun came out for awhile and it was +4c so I ended up good and sweaty.

It was very enjoyable and I'll go back soon. I forgot how being out in the forest can help with depression.
Wish I could get Kazi to come with me - she would benefit from some forest bathing!

Still some green leaves to be found!

And the ducks were enjoying Meander Creek.

And finally...I haven't posted any photos of Luna and Lily for a long time so here they are...

Winter naps are the best, especially when the heating pad is still warm!

Luna is just yawning but she looks ferocious!

They both love this cozy spot and there have been a few tousles! 
That's the news for now. I have a few errands to do in the neighbourhood so I'll walk and get some fresh air and exercise.


  1. Owie! That is the exact reason (plus I suck) that I never played a lot of volleyball. I think I sprained fingers about 5 times in highschool. Takes the fun out of it. Such a ferocious kitty lol. Buddy loves heating pads too - electric blanket as well now that I need it so much for my arthritis. We have been blessed with a little fog but some sunshine! Actually more sunshine this month than all of the Novembers we've been here - I can't complain at all! Now getting around plus 2 at night (cold for us wimpy islanders). We strung our Christmas lights on the outside of the house on Sunday and it felt bloody cold, colder than -10 in Alberta - sometimes the moisture in the air sure gets into your bones. I highly recommend stringing some lights in your bedroom/house (even if they aren't Christmas ones) to help flush some of the depression out. Or get a sad light - Hubby has one of those when it gets rainy and dark here Jan/Feb for 30 plus days in a row

  2. One of the many reasons I retired last year form volleyball playing-my fingers hurt so bad for days afterwards!. I love the pictures with the dusting of snow-winter, yet not quite.

  3. I'm so sorry about your finger! YEOWCH!
    I am not a sports person... mini golf, maybe...
    But your walk was beautiful!

  4. You learn slowly like me. I hope this posts as I have had a hard time posting on your sight for a long time. Sorry about four digit.

  5. Ouch! Careful there, lady! Hope it's starting to feel a bit better and physio won't be too awful. Your photos are lovely, as always! xx


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