Saturday, March 18, 2017

Mucky Mess or Sloppy Soup?

Well I was right (was there ever any doubt hahaha) - A year ago yesterday I found life in the forest and yesterday I did as well. Some is new growth, some is old (which doesn't really count except that I found a few interesting remnants from last year!)

The ground and the trails were a soupy mess of mud - I'm glad I always take my walking stick with me - I would definitely have fallen into the muck and onto the water-covered trails without it. 

New Shoots!

Below is a cute little fluffy "thing" from last year. Don't know what plant it is from but it is soft and sweet.

Another little cutie - a seed pod of some sort.

Lots of green shoots popping up everywhere - it's so exciting!

No sign of the ospreys yet - just checked my stats from last year and I didn't spot them until April 23rd.
Nobody home.

A few flies and bugs on the slice of tree below... I was surprised to see them but I suppose the surface of the tree trunk was warm in the sun.

Nothing much alive on this gnarled old limb but you can see my mucky boot at the bottom of the picture.

Some buds are appearing on trees...

Aren't these luscious? Not sure what these buds are from - they are forming on a branch that was lying on the ground. I'll keep my eye on them and see what develops, literally!

It was around 3c yesterday and the sun was shining - just perfect for a ramble - except for the slippery mucky mud. And I stayed away from the worst areas that were flooded. The last thing I want to do is fall in the mud!

BUT, I love this time of year when I can start spotting signs of life. I'll be recording when I see what in my notebook and compare to last year. Because that's the kind of exciting life I have, you know! :)

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Holly said...

Still have snow here!! I bet my crocuses are totally destroyed under the snow :(