Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Happy Birthday to ME!

No, it's not my birthday. My birthday is May 26. But I just planned what I'm going to do for my birthday - it takes time to plan a TRIP so I couldn't wait for May. And, by the way, Canada is having a BIG birthday this year - our country is turning 150 - wow - that'll be a LOT of candles.

I have been toying with the idea of having more than one trip per year (I'm not getting any younger) so thought going somewhere in Canada that I've never been to would be a great way to celebrate my birthday and Canada's!

So...where am I going?  I'll give you a few clues...

I'll be visiting the capital city for three days...

...then I'll be hanging around in the trees for three days...

...I'll also be visiting some pretty big trees...HOW BIG?


...another spot I'll be visiting...

...and finally I'll be spending a few days on another island...

I'll be hiking, biking, exploring all of the  natural beauty this part of Canada has to offer!

Any guesses?


  1. Where is the tree hanging? Sounds like something I would love to do!

  2. I have no idea but I'm almost disappointed that it's not your birthday today after that title. Good for you, Jane, for planning a wonderful trip for yourself.

  3. Well, happy birthday to Canada, and happy early birthday to you. Can't wait to see pics of your beautiful country.

  4. Well you're obviously coming west to beautiful Vancouver island!! Curious where the last one is?


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