Wednesday, March 8, 2017

International Women's Day!

Imagine going through one day without a woman - a mother, sister, friend, colleague, wife, aunt, niece, grandmother...

Hard to imagine isn't it? But then, you're all women I think! (There may be the odd male lurker/creeper out there who doesn't make himself known :)

Last night I spent a wonderful evening with friends and fellow members of the Council of Canadians, as we gathered to celebrate International Women's Day; there were a few supportive male friends and husbands as well. We ate an amazing dinner of Afghan food prepared by a former refugee, now a Canadian citizen.

In the front row is revered author and WATER activist, Maude Barlow, if you click her name you will be linked to her Wikipedia page. We were so fortunate that she could attend our gathering.

My friend, Julie, made the banner which will go with us today to Victoria Park, as we all gather in sisterhood and solidarity to support women's rights and to give thanks to the women in our life! (Can you see my tiny head?)

Now I must go get ready. We've been blessed with a very windy but warm and sunny day - it should be an exciting time!

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