Friday, January 13, 2017

Couch Potato

Couch potato, that's me! My retina is still attached, that's the good news. But I am still seeing those darn floaters. Flashing lights have greatly reduced. I was reading more about the condition today and it can take months before all that activity settles down. Boo. I also read that most (not all) detached retinas follow PVD (Posterior Vitreous Detachment). However, if retina is in good shape at the time of a PVD there is only a 2-5% chance of a retinal detachment occurring. That's pretty good news. Except that it could happen within days or weeks or months.

I can't sit still for that long!!

So... a pretty boring week. But I would choose boring over surgery any day of the week, or the whole week as the case may be!

We have Hannah banana staying over tonight. Kazi has restaurant and movie gift cards so they're using some of those - not sure where they are eating or what they are seeing - I am just full of information!

I filled the day with a short walk outside, being very careful of the ice, finished watching "Zodiac" which I started yesterday and "State of Play" today on Amazon Prime video, both were good but Helen Mirren was wasted in her small role. Tonight I'll watch an episode or two of "The Fall" which has some new episodes - excellent show!

**never thought I'd be reduced to telling you about what I've been watching on TV!! 

Other than that I've been researching for my next trip to the UK, thinking about Scotland this year :) likely in September. Looking at the various long distances trails trying to figure out what part of the country I'd most like to see. Hard decisions. Lots of time :)

Well, I don't think anyone is out in my kitchen making me dinner so I'd better hop to it! See you in the funny pages :)

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SAM said...

Take care Jane. Sorry you're experiencing this now.