Thursday, January 19, 2017


I am tired of being so inactive and I am well informed of the dangers of sitting too much so I re-started my home physical program this morning by doing 5 sun salutations. Then I set the timer on my phone for an hour so that each hour I would do a series of stretches and yoga positions. This works really well when you keep your phone nearby.

I think mine is on the kitchen counter....nope...maybe I left it in the laundry room where I spent 30 minutes of my life I'll never get back flattening out the Christmas tissue paper earlier (does anyone else do this?)......nope, not there, but I left a closet light on in the basement so took the opportunity to turn it off......maybe I left it up in my bedroom.......nope.....OMG, I was sitting on it hee hee hee!

Fifteen minutes to go but perhaps I can consider the last few minutes of going up and down 2 staircases as my exercise break this Who asked you!!

I have 12 minutes left and then I am heading to my stationary bike.

Then....get ready for it....I'm going out!!! Yup, I went to print off my passport renewal and while I have every colour of paper imaginable I had only 1 piece of white paper left. As I'm not sure if the passport office will accept fuchsia paper I'd better go buy a package of white. And.....I need some fan brushes for my upcoming water colour project so will kill 2 birds with one stone!

Oh, and here's my sign for Saturday's march:

And there goes my timer!

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