Sunday, December 4, 2016

The Jeep has Arrived!

Ain't she a beaut!

Kazi may not leave it white - she might have it "wrapped" as 
she has a friend who does that for a living.

But, in the meantime...white/charcoal it is!
(My Dougie is in the background!)

I took Kaz out to breakfast yesterday to celebrate. She's so happy!
Though she cried giving up the old Cobalt I gave her years ago. 
Due to the amount of rust on the Cobalt it couldn't be
safetied without major work. So she used it as a trade-in.
And...she broke off a chunk of rust to keep forever!
Yes, she's very sentimental.
Maybe I'll mount it in a shadow-box for Christmas 😊

She's trying to come up with a name for the jeep. 
She called the Cobalt "Stella". Yes, we tend to name everything!
I suggested "Jerry".

I'm pretty proud of my girl. She did all the research, got the best deal she could. Her job with Enterprise helped out too as she was able to drive a ton of different vehicles which helped in her decision. Also, Enterprise is partnered with London Chrysler/Jeep which gave her 10% off the top!

In other news...I briefly looked at ads for a used Jeep then came to my senses! I'm trying to decrease my transportation expenses not increase them. To me, a vehicle has always been a way to get from point A to point B.  I've never cared about "heated seats" or the myriad other perks/options.

An older woman once said to me "you're no plain Jane" but really, I am. The less things that can go wrong with a car is what I'm interested in. We had 3 Cobalts over the years and that was because they were rated as being one of the most inexpensive cars to maintain. And they were.

Buying Dougie was an anomaly for me - he was perfect for PEI. People often ask me why I still drive a truck and I say: I paid cash - a small amount of cash so I owe nothing, he had less than 100,000km on him and currently sits at a low 134,000km, insurance is cheap due to less chance of personal injury in case of a crash, having a truck in the family is very handy, and he makes me walk more....oh, and I LOVE HIM!

I've been lucky (we've ALL been lucky) with the low price of gas over the last couple of years or I would likely have traded Dougie in by now. But I still think - "should I walk or should I drive" every time I go somewhere. And more often than not I walk. Or cycle.

I've been thinking about one last big road trip with Dougie, so considering all of my options of course. I still have a couple of months before my insurance renews so will take that time to make a decision about Dougie. Sell him, give him away, continue as is, insure for just 6 months a year...I don't need to decide today.

Do you have any decisions you're putting off?

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Kim said...

I'm a plain Jane when it comes to cars. Love my 10 year old car everytime I pay insurance and taxes. Congrats to Kazi.