Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Lake Inagh to Leenane

This had to be my favourite part of the walk, from the beautiful lodge on Lake Inagh to the very appealing village of Leenane, nestled at the end of Killary Harbour. Once again we walked along the Western Way, mouths agape at the range of colours of the Maumturk mountains and sheep grazing pastures. The weather was perfect with the occasional bank of clouds flowing over the mountains.

 The landscape constantly changes, mostly due to the constant stream of "weather" coming over the mountains and sweeping across the open land. Not a whole lot of trees in this area.

 Farms were far and few between and we could see vertigo-inducing fences (and sheep) stretching up to the peaks of the mountains.

Occasionally a small wooded area would beckon...we could feel the presence of fairies ...

 Eventually we did reach a forested area, but unfortunately it was in the process of being clear cut. While the mountains look so dramatic the deep cuts are due to erosion.

There was a small bridge and a sinking boardwalk to help us get through this boggy area.

 But it was a battle maintaining dry boots - FAIL!

This photo shows the type of boards we had to walk on...for miles and miles...through the bog on "The Wet Day!" a few days previous. They caused pain in the hips and knees (and psyche) but we made it.

Still headed the right way!!
After the clear cut area we crossed a road and headed uphill. After awhile I happened to tear my eyes off the mountains and sheep to our right and glanced over my left shoulder to see this!!
OMG! Killary Harbour, a fjord! The photos below represent about 1/1000th of the photos I took from that moment on. Feeling very blessed to witness such natural beauty.

Across the harbour was the occasional tiny village, some only accessible by boat.


The village of Leenane off in the distance.
Heading down...

Can you see us? Kind of a "selfie" :)

Oh yes, I could wake up to this every morning!!

Walking into Leenane...

 The tide is out...

Homes for insects...

The view from our little hotel balcony...we had walked to our B&B only to find out we had been transferred to the village hotel due to some water issue! We felt really fortunate as the hotel was fantastic AND we were staying there two nights!
The tide is out!
The mountain on the left of the photo below is where we were hiking.

 Nice view!!

We had walked past the hotel on our way to the B&B - now we were staying there!!

This is my view...

 ...from my seaweed soak!

It was a fabulous treat after hiking all day...

...the "lounge" where a fire was burning...I see you Annie! inviting is this?!

...Annie made herself right at home!

Our wee balcony...

 When I look at this photo I think I should have put my backpack on the floor rather than on this priceless antique! We were checking in...

There was a gorgeous garden across the street...

...still blooming magnificently! out - we're everywhere!!

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  1. Wow Jane! Fantastic pictures. I'm sure the B&B would have been terrific but how fortunate to have a beautiful hotel as back up.


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