Saturday, December 10, 2016

Encounters of the Animal Kind

One of the best parts of hiking through the countryside is connecting with
all of the animals we come across: sheep,  horses, sheep, cows, sheep, seals, birds, sheep, chickens, cats and sheep!
Such intelligent eyes and loving Annie's touch.

 I seem to have a thing for sheep. I just want to hug them...

...or join them munching in the rocky fields.
Such a simple life...

What a life...not a worry in the world.

Is it me or does this sheep have two bodies?

One day someone will be wearing your wool sweater!

There are not too many places a sheep cannot go.

Not a lot of cows, but a couple here and there.


I see you! One donkey-donk being bashful.

 One of those faces only a mother......... 

Whenever I saw a cat I felt a wee bit homesick.

 Seals always look like they're having fun!

My favourite creature of all! I included all four photos I took of this horse...

....something about the rippling muscles...

...the head tossing

...and the thoughtful expression tugged at my heart... 

 And then there's this wee one looking all cute!

You're cute too!

We didn't come across as many snails as we did walking Hadrian's Wall
last year but they are always photo-worthy!

 Just imagining how soft that fur is...homesick!

Magical - just missing its one horn :)

Oh, yes, you're magical too!

...and you!

...and you!

Time to go...

 ...there are so many more rocks to climb and grass to eat.
You know what they say...
...the grass is always greener....

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