Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Glorious Fall

I have to remember to start heading out of the forest a lot earlier these days! 
The weather has been mild until the sun starts to set around 5pm...

Lily, keeping my lap warm.....much appreciated now that the 
temperature has dropped down to around 0c.

...while Luna prefers to wrap herself around my neck, keeping one paw
on my shoulder... it any wonder my crochet projects have a cat hair or two in them?

Yes Luna, I know you're there! Are my ears clean?

Luna, being exasperating!

You know you're not supposed to be on top of the cupboards!
I had to get the stepladder to reach her.

Lily keeping me warm...

Photos from my last visit to the forest...

You'd think it was summer!

It was around 12 or 13c, warm enough for short sleeves
while hiking.

The sun sets quickly though as we head towards the shortest day of the year.

The colours have faded but the beauty remains...

Time to get to the truck!

I found a plant still blooming in the forest at the end of November. It took me 
awhile to identify but finally learned that it is dead nettle.
It's called "dead" nettle because it doesn't cause a rash 
like it's UK cousin - stinging nettle. 
The first 3 photos are of the dead variety, which is a very good thing
as I was handling it with my bare hands.

The next 3 are photos I took last year when Annie and I hiked Hadrian's Wall. 
Three UK trips - 3 encounters with stinging nettle. 
Will I ever learn?
Don't touch!!!

My encounter the first year trip I took walking through the Cotswolds
was the worst experience as I fell in a clump of stinging nettle
while backing up to take a photo! 
The stinging lasted several days.

  They are so pretty!! You just want to reach out and caress them!
Or at least this bumbling naturalist does.
How is the weather where you are? Any snow yet?

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SAM said...

It was wretchedly cold today. Our little pond is freezing and the hockey kids will be making a make shift rink on one end. Great pictures.