Wednesday, July 8, 2015


Great news! Someone cancelled their MRI appointment so I guess I was next on the list - I go today at 5:15pm.

The bad news is that sparkly nail polish I used yesterday on my toes? It's gotta go.

In other news.....when Kazi was at a music festival in Michigan 2 weeks ago "she met a boy". He's from New Jersey and just happens to be visiting in London and Toronto starting tomorrow. So of course they've made plans to spend time together.

The timing isn't the best as my 40th, yes you read that right, 40th high school class reunion is this weekend, of which I'm the hostess! That involved making restaurant reservations for Friday, Saturday and Sunday and organizing the event around a popular festival - SUN FEST - which is taking place in London this weekend.  So I won't see much of THE BOY as they are heading to Toronto on Friday, which is sort of a relief as my time will be mostly spent with my fellow 1975 grads.

So the next few days will be very busy and full of distractions, which is good and bad for the anxiety levels, but I'm feeling pretty positive about the whole thing.  The weather looks good and one of my fellow grads is my cousin (and his wife) who are coming up from North Carolina. Hotel rooms have been booked and the food will be divine though I'll likely put on 5lbs over the 3 days!

That's it for now - I've got to UNpolish my toes!


jolie said...

Good luck with your MRI today. Glad the opening came today and not Friday.

livingrichonthecheap said...

That does sound like a fun weekend. I hope the MRI goes well although I wonder if they will tell you any results today or you have to wait for another Dr appointment.

Jane said...

Let's hope the MRI gives answers!
Jane x

Gill said...

good that you got a cancellation. Good luck at the get together!!

Sarah said...

So glad you are getting the MRI over and done with! Then you can go home and put on some more sparkly polish!

anne in the kitchen said...

Have a great and glorious and sparkly reunion weekend!