Friday, July 31, 2015

For the Birds...

It's beach day once again.  My friend Julie is busy making egg salad sandwiches
because as a kid that is what her mother made every time they went
to the beach. Aren't I lucky?? I lurve egg salad!
I'll be bringing drinkies of various kinds, fruit and
White Cheddar popcorn because we are both addicted to it!

If after all of that we're are still hungry we can always go to the
Sandcastle - the awesome drive-in restaurant across
from the beach for some hand-cut french fries
drenched in malt vinegar and salt! Mmmmmm

I am also going to Ribfest this weekend - there seems to be a major festival every weekend in
London during the summer. I've been to Canada Day celebrations, Sunfest, Home County
Folk Festival and the PRIDE parade and festival which was last weekend. Not 
that I'm complaining. I haven't spent a summer in London for quite a few
years - I was always in PEI. But I'm re-discovering London and what seems to be
a summer long party! 

During Ribfest a number of restaurants compete to make the best tasting ribs as voted on
by thousands of little piggies :) There's a midway, a beer garden and live music
for four and a half days. Monday is Canada's "civic holiday" so we're enjoying
another long weekend. Well, "workers" are, to me every day seems like

Well I better finish getting ready. There are a lot of hungry sea gulls waiting for our
crumbs! So far the sun is shining and it's another gorgeous day in
London, Ontario.

I wish you all a wonderful weekend! But don't get sunburned!!

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